I HAD to do it:

Lara needs to make a shorter jump so as not to fall …

Lara needs to get to Shanghai?

Lara needs to make the running water around a small barn stop so
the demon can escape.

Lara needs to ‘Gather’

Lara NEEDS a change.

Lara needs to be stronger.

Lara needs to let her hair down and dance to Donna Summer’s
disco hits…

Lara needs the paintings because a note in Von Croy’s pocket led her to believe
that they would help prove her innocence.

LARA needs no complicated configuration at the server side.

Lara needs your vote!

Perhaps Lara needs to meet some guys who are more to her liking . . . . ?

Lara needs to average like 90 for series to give them a sniff…

LARA needs 6MB of hard disk space to install and a minimum of 800×600, 256 colour screen resolution.

Lara needs to smoke the place !

Lara Needs Armed Bodyguards…

Lara needs it to reunite herself with her husband whom Michael killed to protect Nia.

Lara needs to start producing. …

LARA needs to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

Lara needs perfect blend.

Lara needs to keep you on your toes

Lara needs to understand that the important thing is that she gets to talk to you…


Lara needs your email address, shipping address, and telephone number to best serve your family’s needs…

LARA needs 12,000 square feet and at least 100 parking spaces.

Lara needs to get some cats.

Lara needs both her kidneys.

Lara needs a lot of help.

Lara needs a bit more action.


Thanks Cara!

What do YOU ‘need’? Type it into Google and find out!

Oh, wanna see what I bought at Rhinebeck?

details later.

6 Responses to “Lara NEEDS!”

  1. frecklegirl Says:

    I am still jealous of your sheep keychains!! too cute!

  2. Rossana Says:

    Rhinebeck goodness! Nice loot, thar!

  3. anne Says:

    ooh, i think you bought the same colorway of socks that rock as me – pebble beach (the taupe, grey, blue one). mmmmmmm, yum.

  4. paula Says:

    oh… I got the same color too, and I bought mine same time as anne… hehe. we are all STR dorks!

  5. sarah b. Says:

    I love love love the little sheepy mug! Can’t wait for the details.

  6. carolyn Says:

    i didn’t get good responses when i tried. kinda sad.