1 year, and pretty much 11 months ago, I met my was-ex-now-back-to-current?-boyfriend. There have been 2 substantial, for-real breaks-ups (the second lasting 11 months), 2 fake breakups (if it lasts less than a day, it doesn’t count!), lots of laughing at nothing, a F-load of crying, many-a-drama-ridden story shared with patient and understanding friends, oodles of cuddling (and more ;) ), movies, snot on soggy t-shirts, stress, just-friends, friends with benefits, love, chinese food, alias, frustration, doubt, bliss, speedbumps GALORE (literally and figuratively), dreams, nightmares and more!

1 year and nearly 11 months ago, I met my love. The way it’s lookin’, we may be stuck with each other ;)

ps – yes, this is what LAST WEEK was all about, and yes, I feel SOO INCREDIBLY BETTER this week.

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