Once Upon a Time…

…there was an eager little knitter named ME who really wanted a new sweater to wear to the sheepy festival.

She had yarn. She had a pattern. SHE HAD A PLAN.

So the eager little knitter knit eagerly in eager anticipation.

It all appeared to be going so well!

Gauge was measured, calculations were calculated, adjustments were made. Our little knitter friend thought she was sooo cleverclever! She TOTALLY should have known better.

(by the way, whoever said ROW GAUGE AIN’T IMPORTANT LIED TO YOU!)

When the sweater was approximately 85% completed, the wee knitter noticed a problem:

what, you don’t see the problem? Wait…

AHH! THERE IT IS! To better illustrate…

Let’s just say that Holly has a certain pair of endowments that our little knitter girl DOESN’T HAVE.

On Holly, that sweater is a boobholder (as it should be). On ME, the boobless, it’s a TENT! In order to make it fit right, I had to pull it so far around me that it created a wierd little dohickey Holly and I dubbed, “The Mini-V.”

The Mini-V is fugly.

It’s not cute.

However, I pressed on.

I said to Holly, “Let me just work on the sleeve a bit…maybe it’ll still turn out ok! MAYBE IT WILL!”

Holly gave me a look that said, “You go on and knit that if it makes you feel better suga, but you’re GONNA HAVE TO RIP IT, eventually.”

Holly was right.


the day before the sheepy festival, no less.

(I think it was the half-puffy, half-straight sleeves that did me in)

Do you think this stopped our wee knitter? HELLZ NO! She put that yarn RIGHT BACK ON THE NEEDLES and got crackin’!


However, it DID manage to claim another month of her knitting life, for reasons we can only chalk up to a lack of knitty dedication.

In the END though, victory was won!

The Long-Sleeved Mini (Wrap-around) Sweater with Ties was FINALLY FUCKING BORN (thank the LORD!):

“The Lara”

“The Back”

“The Closeup”

the deets:
Glampyre’s Minisweater (with obvious mods)
knit on size Us9s with 2 hanks of Brooks Farms Four Play

I used almost ALL of both hanks. I have maybe a few yarns left. It was close. Also? There is NO EASE WHATSOEVER in those sleeves. I like it that way. Oh and ALSO ALSO? Four Play is the softest SOFTEST SOFTEST SOFTEST EVER! It’s a 50/50 Wool/Silk blend and I LOVE it! It’s wear-against-your-bare-naked-skin SOFT! Sooo good.

(actually, I’d BETTER love it, since it’s the only Four Play I’m getting, as of late.)

Tomorrow (today?*), I’m going to dress it up and wear it to work for it’s big debut in the real world :) Hopefully, I’ll snap a nice, natural light photo to share with yoooouuuuu.


(it soo never gets old!)

have good weekend :)

* this time Carol, it actually IS Friday! WOO!

27 Responses to “Once Upon a Time…”

  1. Cara Says:

    Oh Lara, it was so worth the rip! You look adorable and it looks adorable and if I was there I’d give you a big ol hug and tell you how adorable you are!

    (Does that make me sound all grandmotherly? Ugh. I’m too old these days.)

    How’s this? YOU ROCK! The sweater ROCKS! The color ROCKS! The yarn – ROCKS? ROCK OUT honey! Have a great weekend.

  2. Carrie Says:

    That sweater is SO Lara. It looks adorable, and you totally did the right thing by ripping. Congratsyoumadeasweater!!!!

  3. Gina Says:

    I love how you worked out the problem to make that mini sweater 100% yours. It looks wonderful.

  4. Diana Says:

    Hands down, *the cutest* minisweater I’ve ever seen. Can you post more about your mods?

  5. biglug Says:

    Lara, that looks so awesome! It turned out great!!! So worth the ripping out!

  6. Kate Says:

    Love it, it looks so cute on you. The tie was a perfect addition. If I send you my minisweater gone bad will you fix it for me (ha ha, kidding here) wish I had your determiniation to complete it.

  7. Holly Says:

    It looks so good on you! Carrie’s so right – it’s SO Lara. I’m so proud… OHMYGAWDYOUFINISHEDASWEATER!!!! (Why, oh why, do I look so bad in that picture?? Hehe.) Now if only I can use some of that determination you had to finish something – anything!

  8. shelsea corneliabel Says:

    sooooo SASSY! Fantastic mini-sweater, and a fine fine job of finishing. Congrats!! :)

  9. Norma Says:

    I’m soooo glad our little Knitter Princess finally got her gorgeous mini-sweater! (P.S. Did I mention it’s GORGEOUS?)

  10. Stacey Says:

    Hey! I was totally going to do the same thing with that pattern when I made mine! Mine doesn’t fit quite to my liking so i wanted something that would tighten it up a bit. I also have no boobs. It’s hard to wear a cute little sweater like that when you have nothing to keep it from riding up….

  11. sarah b. Says:

    Can I just say “wow”?! That is super cute!

  12. Sarah Says:

    I LOVE IT! I love the way you made it tie…it looks adorable on you. If I tried that, I would look like a trussed-up pig. You did a fabulous job with the mods, and I dig the color! YAY LARA!

  13. Shaz Says:

    I love it too! I want it in a deep deep royal blue of sorts. :)And I have the endowments. LOL

  14. deb Says:

    I love your mini!!! I want to make one just like it. Oohhhh. I’m so jealous of your design skillz

  15. Silvia Says:

    How cute is that sweater?! Damn cute thank you very much. Nice work in both the knitting and overcoming the ripping out mindblock. Congrats!

  16. Carol Says:

    You didn’t have to rip; you could have just resorted to silicone. Implants, that is. Much better than ripping (not!). BTW, love the picture of Holly and I think you should do more of that since she was whining today about the awful picture you put up on your blog.(hee hee)

  17. Vicki Says:

    It’s amazing! I love the tie around detail. And could you look hotter in your little Lara pose?? Great stuff!

  18. Jenny Says:

    I am so proud of your fix! Lara, that fits you so well and looks so good. I’m so impressed.

  19. isel Says:

    Wow wow wow. Love your version of the boobholder. Very sexy.

  20. Kristin Says:

    Very cute FO! : ) Looks great on you.

  21. claudia Says:

    Lara, that is AMAZINGLY cute on you. It was worth the wait. Wear it to Maryland if its still cold then.

  22. Rossana Says:

    Oh wow! VERY VERY NICE, Miss Lara! And I can totally hear Holly’s voice humoring you (“You go right on ahead if…”). That Holly, what would we do without her?! Anyway, truly sweet lookin’ FO you got there!

  23. Ann Says:

    Love it! It’s SO cute! Way to stick with it and work it on out.

  24. yahaira Says:

    That looks freaking great!

  25. Lolly Says:

    The mods are perfecto–looks great, Lara! Yeah, boobs are so crazy…

  26. Angela Says:

    WOW! Your mods look AWESOME! If I ever get the time, I totally want to try to copy that.

  27. Kristine Says:

    awesome, and OH so perfect on you! And you have boobs!