Quotes from LAST WEEKEND:

“I’m not saying…I’m just SAYING.”

“I like the way you run your shit.”

and my favorite…

“Get over here, you big black Q-tip!”

Quote we HOPE not to hear, but MAY THIS weekend:

“Dude, can you come and bail me out?”

Last weekend involved:

cool menus made of album covers

crazy mannequins

MEAN-ASS JOE (who’s really a puppy!)

Someone getting a tad bit drunky…

…and a band.

all-in-all, a pretty f’in good time.

THIS weekend will involve asbestos masks and praying we don’t get arrested. There will be pictures. There will also be a date with a sketchy boy you totally don’t approve of.

Is it somewhat ironic that I have to be at jury duty this morning? I think yes.

btw, I may have cast on for a few new knits:

12 Responses to “Weekends.”

  1. Carrie Says:

    That last pic of you and Chelsea is AWESOME. Seriously. I might have to blow it up poster size.

  2. Carrie Says:


  3. Norma Says:

    I think I know the asbestos masks story. Oy. Yes, don’t get arrested. Hee

  4. Cara Says:

    KISS tryouts were LAST weekend honey! So cute, the two of you! What’s with the asbestos and how come Norma gets to know and I don’t? Do you have a quarter, you know, for your one phone call? Call me. I’ll be up. Working. For the rest of my life without a break. ;-)

  5. Drunky the Clown Says:

    Yeah! Duuuuude… so totally ROCKON! Um. onemoreginantonic, pleash.

    Also, I hope we don’t go to jail! :)

  6. Drunky the Clown Says:

    And ALSO: I *don’t* approve. (Unless he pays. Then he’s alright.)

  7. Silvia Says:

    Okay, why don’t we approve of this sketchy guy? Is he married? Diseased? That asshole from before with the late and no money?

    Well if you have jury duty AND your in the jail, I think that would be the ultimate in convenience.

  8. Vicki Says:

    Look at you with the tongue! The knits look great. Don’t do anything TOO crazy ;)

  9. michelle Says:

    Oh, how I miss you guys!

    Noro! Noro!

  10. Jenna Says:

    Um, just guessing, but is that menu in the top pic from the Golden West cafe in Baltimore? I hope so, because it’s the home of ultimate tasty goodness. I hope you’ll give us a more detailed recounting of all of these shenanigans.

  11. Jenny Says:

    Hello. That might be my favorite vibepost. Ever. Must hear more about the asbestos shenanigans.

  12. Laundro Says:

    Were you at the PaperMoon?!

    I love that place!