Two Thousand Five

What went down in vibeland in 2005?


    It ain’t that GOOD, but hey, FIRST SWEATER!
  • My momma started shrinking! GO MOMMA! GO MOMMA!
  • I stopped working a job I’d done for the last 4 years.
  • I replaced it with a kick-ass job working here.
  • I went to my first Sheep & Wool festival and had THE BEST WEEKED EVER
  • I met sooooo many knit bloggers, my head is still spinning! I have a feeling some of them may become life-long friends and I can’t beging to tell you how amazing that is to me…
  • I GOT A NEW NIECE! She is a perfect, smiley, huggable, lovable addition to our family!!!

  • I STARTED WORKING OUT! Um, and then I sorta stopped. NOT ENTIRELY, but yeah, gotta get back in the 3xaweek swing…
  • I got paid to write articles about KNITTING! How cool is THAT?!?!
  • I came to an odd realization about myself that I need to re-repress. At least for now, but possibly forever.
  • I moved and got my first roomate in at least 5 years! So far, so good :)

So what’s on the agenda for 2006? They’re not exactly RESOLUTIONS, but here’s some of the stuff I wanna do in ’06:

  • Buy a new Digital Camera, hopefully one that comes with cab repellent.
  • Figure out what I want to be when I grow up and get workin’ on it.
  • Go out more and stay in less.
  • Save more and spend less. This one totally conflicts with the previous one, I know. We’ll see how that works out.
  • START THE FUCKING 401K. Seriously, I know I said that LAST year, but THIS year, I MEAN it.
  • End my twenties with a BIG ‘OL MOTHERF’N’ BANG!Lara’s Birthday EXTRAVAGANZA 2006! I’m turning 30, baby, and I’m not takin’ it lyin’ down!
  • Get back to working on a new, healthier lifestyle. I got a good start in 2005, but liiiike, I need to learn how to kick my OWN ass into shape instead of relying on Laurent to do it for me. Besides, as I only see him about once every two weeks these days… and well…you can’t work off 2 weeks of junk in one hour, you know? ;) Just sayin’.
  • Send birthday cards and thank you notes. Grown-up Girls do these things. I’m pushing 30. I need to get with it.
  • FINISH MY ROGUE. I’ve been working on that thing or at least THINKING about it since 2004. Seriously.
  • Today is where my book begins, yo. I gotta get writing!!!

    9 Responses to “Two Thousand Five”

    1. Silvia Says:

      You are the cutest! Your big old green sweater looks like chunky fun, so be proud sista!

      OMG! 3-0! I liked my 30s, really much better than 20s as you’re more secure in your own self. Unless you’re PMS-y of course. When is the Lara-palooza?

    2. Carrie Says:

      I say, bring a flask when you go out. Less money spent on alcohol, right???!?!!?

      You had a fabulous 2005, woman! Can’t wait for 2006, and dude, we are SO at MSW. oh yes.

    3. Cara Says:

      Bring it on BABY! Happy New Year!

    4. Carol Says:

      Oh lordie. A 401(k) usually results in “free” money, since most companies match at least part of your contribution. Everyone should have a 401(k) because it’s an immediate return on your investment (you dork!)

    5. Anne Marie Says:

      Girl, I like the 401k idea. I have GOT to do the same thing. And 30 has come and gone for me.
      So, uh, when’s the party.
      ‘Cause I’ll be there.

    6. Stephanie Says:

      Good goals and it sounds like you had a great 2005.

    7. molly Says:

      Nice green sweater! With that under your belt, you can do anything!!

    8. Launrdo Says:


      Start a ROTH IRA as well… do it! ;)

      Yay to Vibe entries!

    9. Stacey Says:

      “Send birthday cards and thank you notes. Grown-up Girls do these things. I’m pushing 30. I need to get with it.”

      Love this one, cause I think the same thing. I am so sporadic with this stuff. One year I will totally kick ass and send a package AND a card to someone and then totally screw them over the next year. Argh. I don’t mean to, I am just so unorganized.

      Hey, did you get my Christmas caard?