NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (disclaimer: knitting-only post)

I have just come to a CRAZY revelation and I am H O R R I F I E D!

(there must be at least ONE of you reading this, at LEAST ONE)!

I think I’ve been knitting TOTALLY WRONG! Like, I think I’ve been knitting in PERMA-TWISTED-STOCKINETTE!

(ok, all non-knitters can STOP HERE. This is going to be nerdy and B O R I N G. seriously. go!)

I was looking over message boards for ROGUE ’cause I DESPERATELY wanna make this sweater (but I HAVE to finish up other projects so I have to satisfy my craving by READING about Rogue) and I kept reading about twisted stockinette and I TOTALLY didn’t get what it was! “Knit into the back of the loop”… WHA??? How do you do THAT?

Wanna know why I didn’t get it? CAUSE THAT WAS WHAT I WAS DOING ALREADY!!! See THIS site!?!!? See how the needle goes through the FRONT of the loop for the knit stitch? Yeah, I DON’T DO THAT!!!! I ALWAYS knit into the BACK of the loop!!!

Now the thing is, I PURL correctly. so is THAT why my knitting comes out all slanty in the round, but NOT when I knit straight? What are the problems I will create for myself by knitting twisted? And how the hell do you PURL twisted? I don’t get it at ALL from the description on htat page!!

3 years of knitting and ALL WRONG!!!

W R O N G !!!



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