Get Off Your Ass!

Saturday night, I went out to dinner with Amy and Chelsea. Somehow, during the course of the evening, the topic of exercise came up. While Chelsea has always been more of the active type (with the hiking and biking and triathalons and what-not)… Amy and I, weeellll…. we like our couches. A lot.

I’ve been seeing Laurent off and on since the summer, but really? I think it’s f’in torture. I whine and pout and sulk through the entire hour I spend with him. I take an excessive quantity of water breaks and SOMETIMES, I even sit down in protest!

I’m not a fan of the gym.

Neither, apparently, is Amy.

Now, hypocritical me, who HATES her methods of exercise, told Amy that she just needs to find something she loves to do, and then she’ll WANT to exercise.

It’s a theory that makes sense, right? One I myself ought to consider more seriously, maybe? I HATE my workouts (well, strongly dislike), therefore, I should be looking for something I love to do, right?

So, I’m sitting on the couch watching Sasha Cohen do her exhibition routine this afternoon and noticing that she can throw her leg up so high in an arabesque that it becomes perpendicular to the ice. Holy shit.

Then, I start having flashbacks to all the ballet and ice skating lessons I took as a kid.

Actually? The ice skating lessons were when I was 15. I dropped out.

Sidestory: There is nothing more embarassing than a 15-year old, competing at the ALPHA (read: SUPER BEGINNER) LEVEL, surrounded by six-year-olds doing sit-spins, who can’t skate a straight line because her knees are shaking. Perhaps you might be thinking that the aforementioned scenario is not that embarassing. Well, add to it the fact I won the gold medal for my ‘performance’.



I wobbled and shook and stumbled my way through the easiest level of competition and I won a GOLD MEDAL.

Wanna know why?


Default, baby, I won by *DEFAULT.*


So sad.

ANYWAY, so I’m watching Sasha and having flashbacks and GENIUS strikes me!


(ADULT classes of course…no need to relive my humiliation)

Exercise I would LOVE!

But THEN, I started thinking again (uh oh, right?).

Just taking ice skating lessons would NEVER make me bendy like Sasha, and I want to be bendy. Bendy is good.

How can vibey get bendy?



One day a week I’ll take Ballet (which, when done right, is FABULOUS strength training using your own body weight and gravity as resistance), one day I’ll SKATE, and ONE day, I will endure the torture that is Laurent (althought I love him dearly, he tortures me).

Now, if I can just figure out how to PAY for this geniusly $$$$ plan, I’ll be golden ;)

Meanwhile, I will continue to sit on my mostly-lazy ass and knit ;)

Speaking of…



You never really know how much something means to you until you lose it. Seriously, I have been LOST without a digital camera. It is only thanks to Holly that I can share my sockies with you. AND! My *favorite* part about them?


They are *nearly* identical! I LOVE!

Of course, I was only able to last so long without a camera. So, since Friday was PAYDAY, I decided to suck it up and fork over some cash for a NEW CAMERA! WOOOHOOO!!!! (my checkbook doesn’t share my excitement, but we will disregard.) I bought the camera *just* in time to share with you…


I am knitting the smaller-size jaywalkers on 2 circs (size US1) using some of my Rhinebeck SOCKS THAT ROCK (of course!)! The colorway is Pebble Beach and I ADORE IT! I even know the EXACT outfit I am going to wear with them when they are finished (because matching my outfits to my handknit socks is apparently something I do now)!!

I’m sooo addicted!

Must. Knit. Sock.

Happy Monday, y’all. :)

23 Responses to “Get Off Your Ass!”

  1. Amy Says:

    OK… so now that it’s out in the open, I’m totally getting off my ass!!! Good luck with ballet. I’m going to the gym tonight. And I think I better buy that video ipod. Ya know… so my treadmill time will be like tv time… only with walking.

  2. Kate Says:

    Exercise sucks.. why do we have to do it? Why can’t sitting on our butts knitting burn more calories than running a marathon?

    Love the toe up Jaywalkers.

  3. sarah b. Says:

    I’ve been surprised at how much I like the gym nowadays, mainly because I’m using it to train for something else (cycling), I think. Love the Ringel socks. I totally still have that yarn in my stash. Once I get some FO’s under my belt, I’m going to be a sock knitting fool.

  4. claudia Says:

    Ballet is good. Skating is also good. But the skating bit is darned expensive (ask me how I know) so maybe the ballet is a better start on a lean budget.

  5. Cara Says:

    I always wanted to take hockey skating classes. You know, where they teach you to skate with a stick and a puck and all that. I think you’re plan is excellent and I hope you find the funds.

    JAYWALKING BABY! They look great! And the stripes are great too. Love it when they match!

  6. Rossana Says:

    Yay! Glad you are enjoying knitting your Jaywalkers! I will have to buy some STR this year. And a gold medal is a gold medal. You still won it! =) Happy Monday to you, too!

  7. Silvia Says:

    Love those ideas, but I’m glad my sister (the adult skater) mentioned her costly hobby. Also, don’t overlook yoga for the bendy. Iyengar yoga is a nice method and not scary.

  8. Krista Says:

    Those socks look great. I love the stripey ones. What yarn is that? I like the thick stripes. Does that mean that you actually striped them yourself? I was hoping it would be some magical self-striping yarn.

    And, in the picture where you’re showing off the socks that match the cardy, you look pretty darn bendy to me.

  9. Sarah Says:

    One of my co-workers is taking one of those ice skating classes, and she just got promoted to Pre Alpha Plus.

    Guess what my new workout option is? The one that is so fun that I can’t wait to do it?
    Dance Dance Revolution!
    (Seriously, I bought Dan an X-Box for Christmas mostly so that we could have that game to do.) I’m aiming for three times a week, and so far so (mostly) good! Good luck with skating, ballet, yoga, Laurent, and what ever else you put your mind to!

    And hooray for matching socks!!!

  10. Shaz Says:

    I’ve seen the videotape with wobbly knees. Vibe does get an ”A” for effort.
    If I got off the couch, I’d be dancing and skating too plus swimming. Actually right now, it is so cold out, I’d prefer hiding out under the covers vs. the couch.

  11. carolyn Says:

    i agree w/ krista, you look pretty bendy in that photo… altho i see you are holding your leg up and not just naturally throwing it up there. since that is the goal, i guess? :) hee hee…. i think i have some of that same colorway in my sock yarn basket. so maybe some day in 2015 we will meet up and have matching socks on. because that’s the next time i’ll probably finish anything!

  12. Sheri Says:

    My six-year-old just started skating lessons – $70 for 10 50-minute sessions! I lucked out when I was a kid and two of my friends who took figure skating lessons taught me how to skate. I was always notorious for wearing socks that match whatever shirt I was wearing, but lately I seem to have too many plain old white socks. I do seem to have caught the knit socks fever, though, so I see a change a comin’ in the near future! Printed off Jaywalker yesterday, so now I have to pick a yarn to knit them with.

  13. Stephanie Says:

    I hear ya on the hating the gym thing. I have found karate to be the cure all for my hate of all things exercise related. Group activity and the accountability associated with that, nothing perky like aerobics, strength training like ballet (or how I imagine ballet). And you learn how to defend yourself! Very nice socks and yay for a new camera!

  14. Anne Marie Says:

    Did I mention that my brother owns a gym?
    Those socks are gorgeous.
    What yarn is that?

  15. Stacey Says:

    Ooh, very cute socks. I love the Regia Mini Ringels.

    And ballet? Do it. I wish I could do that. i used to do it when I was a kid, but never got back into it. I keep toying with the idea of taking tap dance classes…but for the time being I just need to get my B.A.

  16. frecklegirl Says:

    I had no idea you could do Jaywalkers from the toe up!!! Did I seriously miss that in the pattern?!!! Or did you make it up with your brilliant mind?

    The stripey ones look awesome!

  17. Jenna Says:

    After you find the cold ducats to execute your plan, I hope that you can keep up the motivation. That’s the other hard part about keeping up an exercise routine, especially when the knits call.

    Great, great socks. They are an addiction, are they not?

  18. Colleen Says:

    Hey! Just delurking to say that your blog is mucho entertaining and thanx for the James Blunt song suggestions, i’m enjoying them. PLUS i just started skating again after a 10 year hiatus. I figured since i have full use of the skating rink at my university, i might as well take advantage.. and i’m having so much fun now! GREAT idea :) good luck

  19. Kristine S. Says:

    I was a skater until I was in my 20’s… years of skating does make you “bendy”… I’m still very, very flexible, even though I barely stretch. but ice skating can get very expensive once you start private lessons, and need extra icetime. Maybe you could just go to the “open-skate” ice time. Most rinks offer a few hours on Saturday or Sunday that anyone can pay a few dollars to get on the ice. It’s a commitment-free way to see if you’ll really like skating again. Plus you can drag friends. :) have fun

  20. Jenny Says:

    I am in love with your new plan. But even more, I am seriously impressed with those new socks, they are so GREAT. You rock. Also, changing jaywalker to toe-up is impressive as well. ;-)

  21. Sarah (in DC) Says:

    Have you thought about trying yoga? It has transformed my life, physically and mentally. I know what you mean about enjoying what you are doing. I actually look forward to class on Thursday nights.

  22. heather Says:

    great plan…you will reap the benefits and love doing it!

    Amazing that you got the socks to match…


  23. Cathy Says:

    Delurking to say: I love your blog; I love your socks!

    And, on the neighborhood swim team, Carrie and I had to swim in the exhibition lane with the 6 and unders when we were like 10 because we didn’t know how to swim. So, I feel your pain, sister…and ballet sounds like fun!!