Vibe and The City

One of my (non)resolutions was to go out and have more fun.

Taking that into account, if someone invites me to a party, I should go, right?

Even if the party is in a city 4 hours away?

Whatever. I figured, what the hell? I was planning on going out and getting my drink/dance on here, why not do it in NYC?

Being that I’m not livin’ large, one might wonder how I can just run off to NY on a whim. TWO WORDS, BABY:



Free party, free place to crash, and $35 RT bus ticket? HOW COULD I NOT GO?

Yes, I know, I know, those buses have been in the news, but NO, my bus did NOT spontaneously burst into flames or run off the road or ANYTHING shady like that. My only complaint is that the tall, leggy man sitting next to me did not understand the concept of his space vs. my space. Also, due to the high quantities of food purchased in Chinatown and brought on board, the bus kinda sorta smelled like egg roll the whole way back. EW. Just sayin’.

HOWEVER, I survived. :) AND I got to watch MOVIES on the bus! WOOT!

To make the deal even BETTER, my cousins on Long Island have an apartment in the city that they were kind enough to lend me for the night!


Jealous doesn’t even BEGIN to describe it. Their place is GORGEOUS! Check this out:

amazing, right?

It’s right on Columbus circle, practically next door to Lincoln Center and a 2 second walk from Central Part West/South. AND THE VIEW! Very NYC….

I {{heart}} that apt.

The whole purpose of the trip though, was to hang with my friends and celebrate A3’s birthday…

That’s the birthday boy right there.

Not the best pic, but it’s all I got. You can check out more pics from the party by clicketyclicking over to here.

Apparently, I had a pretty good time, as shown in THIS lovely drunkydrunk pic…


Eventually though, I think I turned into a pumpkin and passed out in the corner. :-\ And my feet huuuurrrrrt. NYC girls apparently know how to buy sensible shoes. LongIsland turned MD/DC girl? Not so much. I did manage to find myself a cab and get myself ‘home’ though, so all ended well. AND I CAN STILL WALK (even better!!!).

Sunday was spent sleeping in, trying to rustle up hungover friends for brunch, failing at rustling up said friends, eating a NYC hot dog and walking over to Central Park.

In keeping with the resolution theme of the weekend, I went skating at Wollman Rink!!

A bit expensive for the paltry amount of free time I had left by then, but screw it, it was fun!

Clearly, I am not a TRUE knitter, as I trashed any ideas of yarn shop crawling in favor of ice skating, but I DID get some knitting done on the ride home…

see leggy man’s stupid knee crowding me? pffth!

I’m mid-way up the cuff on my first jaywalker!!!! The striping is getting wierd as hell, but I’ll have to keep going to see if i like it or not. Can’t tell yet.

All-in-all, a good weekend was had. Now, if I can just find me a copy of THIS, life would be sweeeeet!

12 Responses to “Vibe and The City”

  1. Amy Says:

    It looks like you had a great time! And what a cute picture of you…I love it.

  2. Sarah Says:

    If you get a copy, you better share!

    That apartment is insane. Glad you had such a blast!

  3. heather Says:

    love the apt! I just dig it that you are a independant woman! and man I definately hear you on the “my space – your space thing”

  4. Christina Says:

    That apartment is fantastic. What a great view! Never been skating at the Wolfman rink, but I have hit the new one in Bryant Park (behind the NY public library.) No charge which was the best part!

  5. Gina Says:

    Wow! That is some NYC apartment! I speak from experience.

  6. Stephanie Says:

    When given those choices, and that apartment, what else is a girl to do? Good decision.

  7. Rossana Says:

    What an amazing view from the apartment! WOW! Glad you had a blast! I knew you would. =) People with long legs are only good for one thing…to fetch things off very high shelves at the grocery store! J/k. =p

  8. jessica~ Says:

    Looks like a blast! Oh, and hey -great makeup!

  9. Carrie Says:

    You look fabulous in that picture! It sounds like a fun time, minus the egg roll smell.

  10. LauraRN Says:

    …and when you ride the bus you can count it as having a designated driver. So keep on partying!!!!

  11. Laundro Says:

    The Chinatown Bus is really a company that moves coke… My cuz uses it all the time!

  12. Stacey Says:

    Ooh…NYC. Between you and Maya’s pics, I want to go back. I should really get my ass over there before my NYC connection moves.

    And I know what you mean about the “eggroll smell” on the bus. I have to take a bus to work that goes thru Chinatown and man. It gets pretty overwhelming at times. At a Chinese restaurant, it’s fine. But mixed with random smells on buses? Not good.