I’m Not Dead.

James Blunt played the 9:30 Club Monday night.

I work late nights.

I couldn’t go.


Before you feel too badly for me though, I have to say that for every disadvantage my job affords me…

…there is this.

Really, my job kicks some kind of crazy ass some days.

I had to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to snap that pic and hear him sing one song, but it was WORTH it. You can watch the whole thing in its entirety right here. (you can also download a podcast version there as well.)

I’m pretty sure I acted like a complete dork, babbling something about how “Goodbye My Lover” makes all my friends cry. You’d think after years of this kind of thing, I’d get my shit together…

oh well. heh ;)

The best part?

Whenever an artist comes to the studio, they record ‘liners’ for the station and each of the djs. You know, something like ” Hey, this is Joe Blow, and you’re listening to Julian on HOT 99.5!” That kinda thing.


OMG I {{HEART}} THAT SOOO MUCH!!!! It cracks me up!!!!!!!

You know what else I {{heart}}??


First up, we have the first two FOs from my MOMMA!!!!

I just recently got my mom back into knitting and these are her first two FOs!!!
GO MOM!!!!!

Mom is HOPELESSLY addicted to Noro Transitions. I feel very guilty about this, as it was I who introduced her to it. WHO KNEW I’D BECOME MY MOTHER’S CRACK DEALER?!?!?!!


The scarves though…they are pretty, no? :)

Next, we have the Beanie I made for my brother for his birthday (just like the Roche beanie, only this one is the Paul beanie). Sadly, it was too small for his unusually large head ;)

It looks cute on Bananahead though, even if it is a little big on her…

Lastly, and most recently (like TODAY!), I bring you…


Elle est Fini!

Knit in Brooks Farm Duet, she is super soft and fuzzilicious!!! There IS one major not-so-fab side-effect though…

shed much?!!?

oh well.

I’m sorry I abandoned you for so long. I will try not to let it happen again anytime soon.


21 Responses to “I’m Not Dead.”

  1. carolyn Says:

    that is awesome!! i’m so downloading that onto my ipod when i get home!! :)

    p.s. nice FOs.

  2. Cara Says:

    That tag is SO SUPER FUNNY! YOU ROCK! Look how cute your Momma looks in her knits. Way to enable. And bananahead is cutie patootie! AUNTS RULE!

  3. isel Says:

    OMG, James Blunt! *incessant drooling*

    Clapotis looks beautious!! The shedding not so much…but who cares?!

    Your mom and her scarves…just adorable.

  4. sarah b. Says:

    So.Jealous. Clapotis is fabulous, but the shedding is unfortunate. I missed you! You will be at S&W, yes?

  5. natalie Says:

    Awesome! But I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned your underwear distributing duties at Hechts! In a full-page ad in the Post last week, I saw an invitation for people to come to Hecht’s to meet Vibegrrl and get a free pair of panties! Hope it was fun!

  6. Christina Says:

    Bananahead looks adorable in her new hat.

    I thought I had my mother hooked on knitting last winter, but alas it took away from her sewing. Your mom’s scarves look fantastic. She has great taste in yarn.

  7. Sarah W. Says:

    You lucky, lucky girl. Lucky.

    Cute Clapotis – and so exciting to be finished! Yay for FO’s!

    Again – lucky.

  8. toni Says:

    Funny tagline indeed!

  9. Sheri Says:

    You get to meet so many cool people! Love the scarves and the clapotis, and cutsie little Bananahead, of course!

  10. Norma Says:

    Fabulous, Vibe(rator) Girl!

  11. empress Says:

    You and your mom are beautiful:D I love the scarves in Noro and the Clapotis is stunning! Good job *thumbs up*

  12. eby Says:

    wow, that’s so cool that you knit things. you knit things for friends and family and babies. even babies that you’ve only known for say a couple of months. i mean they can’t talk so you don’t even really know if you like them yet. they could be jerks in the end. but you still knit them stuff in hopes that they’re nice people underneath it all. i wish i had a friend who knitted stuff. my hands get so so cold in the winter. they get so dry and cracked that some nights i go to bed crying. your friends and family are so lucky to have you. they must have soft, warm heads, necks and hands.

  13. vibegrrl Says:

    eby – nice try. quit sending me links to mitten patterns. love, lara.

  14. moody knitter Says:

    Nice to know that you are still alive and kickin’. Gorgeous scarf, but the shedding really does suck.

  15. heather Says:

    welcome back! The noro scarves make me drool…who wouldn’t love transitions!

    Clapotis looks fabby too sorry about the shedding…I can’t even get near that booth…achoo! But it’s really gorgeous!

  16. Joanne Says:

    OMG! You met James Blunt! U bastard! ;)

    I’m kiddin…but now I totally get why Gilli said we oughtta start a “James” club. HAHA!

  17. Stacey Says:

    God damn. I need to stop unpacking and get on my Clapotis. I haven’t really worked on it in a few days now. I’m up to the decrease rows now though, so the end is in sight! Yours looks so good though, you’re motivating me :)

  18. biglug Says:

    So many impressive things! Clap came out awesome. Bananahead is so cute. You have a picure and a personal greeting from a swoon inducing singer and your mom is an awesome knitter!

  19. frecklegirl Says:

    Aw man, that is too funny! I love how he says vibrator. Like the end of the word is all squished together.

    Don’t really understand the big deal about his music though. I know I am in the minority but it sorta annoys me. Don’t hate me. ;)

    The clapotis, on the other hand, is JUST GORGEOUS! I love the colors. Just gonna have to get one of those mini roller things. Prob solved!

    Is it bad that I am getting excited about MS&W already??

  20. Jenny Says:

    Look at all those FOs! Sorry I’ve been so lame. I’m sorry Chelsea is going away. ;-(

    I miss ya, girl!

  21. Texy the Drunk Says:

    omg… I love how he says “vibro”!! Beautimous FOs lady. Simply Beautilicious.