You know how, when you like a guy, you get all goofy about it and hope that he’s gonna call, but secretly worry that maybe he won’t? Then you wonder if maybe you should just call him because hey, you WANT to, right? And if you want to, then you SHOULD. But you sorta kinda already did that LAST week, so you think that maaybe, you should play it a *little* cool and wait, at least a few more days, because MAYBE he will still call YOU. It’s more fun that way anyway. Of course, you have to run it by your girlfriends and debate the whole thing — How long do you wait? You think Thursday is good, but doubt you can make it past Tuesday.

Funny thing is, late tonight, while I was harassing Chelsea with should I? or shouldn’t I?, I was totally oblivious to the blinking light on my answering machine!

He’s been thinking about me a lot. He was just checking in to say hi. :)


I think I’ve listened to it about 7 times. I called Chelsea RIGHT BACK, faaaarrr too late. I did a little goofy dance for the cat.

My friends say not to get too excited, because then I’ll build it up and I’ll only be disappointed, but seriously, I can’t help it.

I’ve been thinking about him a lot too.

I just cannot *wait* till Saturday :)

13 Responses to “Smitten.”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Ooh, how exciting!!! I love this. Good luck!!

  2. frecklegirl jess Says:

    aww! Too cute!

  3. Carrie Says:

    HOT. TIE.

    lucky girl.

  4. Texy the Drunk Says:

    It is never too late for gushing about a boy. Never. OK, well… maybe at 6 am if you are *just* getting home. Then it is too late (or early). But we’re talking about you, so it’s all good.

  5. Vicki Says:

    Awww! It’s way too hard not to get excited, I say enjoy the moment and the feelings. It’s better to have loved blah blah blah.

  6. Cara Says:

    YAY! Nothing, I repeat, NOTHIING better than the boy you like liking you back. I remember an answering machine message, way, way back when. I listened to it a gazillion times and maybe even kept the tape (that’s how long ago!) I still keep some messages he leaves me. ;-)

  7. Anne Marie Says:

    Awww! I love the word ‘smitten’. And you KNOW that i wish you the best!

  8. Holly Says:

    YAY for the smitten-ness! I told you so! I told you so! **doing the “I told you so” dance** There’s nothing better than the gushing that occurs from stuff like this. Not that I’d know anything about it lately. LOL!

  9. Angie Says:

    I used to save Jeff’s messages until they were about to expire, and then I would forward the message to myself so that I could keep them just a bit longer. I love those “thinking about you” calls! (And, of course, the happy dances that result from hearing them.)

  10. Stephanie Says:

    I love it when they call! That’s a good sign. I can’t wait to hear all about it (love the shoes by the way).

  11. allison Says:

    I remember those times. My heart would always jump when my crush (now husband) would show up on my caller-id. Good luck! And keep us all posted!!!

  12. Stacey Says:

    I’ve been away far too long :) I’ve missed you!

  13. natalie Says:

    Yay for the smitteningness! How was Saturday ;)?