This past weekend, I was graciously invited to witness Adam’s brother Drew marry his love Joanna. While I already know and adore Anne Marie (who doesn’t?!?!) and the boys (so cute!), this was my first time meeting the rest of the Swartz Clan.

My last boyfriend and I dated on and off for two years.

If I had to simplify what went wrong with that relationship, I would have to nail it down to one thing: family.

obligation. expectation. independence. validation.


My ex-boyfriend came from a different cultural background than I and his family had ideas about the type of girl he should be with. Needless to say, I did not fit the part and he was unable to make major decisions about his life without being debilitatingly concerned about his parent’s approval.

In two years, I met his parents less than a handful of times. While that might not seem abnormal, depending on the circumstances, I should possibly point out that my ex-boyfriend LIVED WITH his parents.

3 times in two years.

You can only imagine then, how much it meant to me to be so warmly welcomed by Adam’s family.

The Swartzs

Individually, they’re all really sweet and funny and cool and interesting and smart and witty and goofy and nice. As a unit, they’re so nearly totally functional* I was almost a little jealous. ;) It was really something special to see them all together and to witness the way love comes out in endless laughter.


One of the bestest things about it (besides the sap rant above), was that I also got to spend time with one of my favoritest favorites:

and I finally met The Pants! (who is just as awesome as you’d think he’d be.)

and! AND! I got a chance to wear my latest (sewing) FO!

My dress**…

…which was much appreciated by The Boyfriend…

pictured here, quite drunk and quite cute.

It was a beautiful weekend spent with really great people.

Congratulations Drew and Joanna!!!

Thanks for letting me be a part of everything.

* no family’s ALL functional
** an attempt to use craftiness to achieve thriftiness! Pattern + Materials = $25!

18 Responses to “Family.”

  1. Cara Says:

    It’s a really great thing when you can love the disfunction of the family as much as you love the disfunction of the (wo)man. It makes things SO MUCH easier.

    The dress is wonderful! Look at you!

  2. Carrie Says:

    That DRESS! I totally thought it was store-bought. Modest girl!

    YAY fun times. Can we go back to the cabin? PLEASE?

  3. Amy Says:

    Love that dress! Do you remember which pattern it is?

  4. maya Says:

    You made that dress?! So cute! It’s perfect. Where’s the pattern from?

    Glad you all had a good time – it looks like a wonderful wedding.

  5. Sarah W. Says:

    What superfun times, you lucky girl. And gorgeous dress! You’ve got some mad sewing skillz! :)

  6. Holly Says:

    Look at you and the sewing skills!! I’m feeling all inferior over here, lol! ;) If I could just get off my ass and finish cutting out that one pattern I started AGES ago…

    About family… you didn’t meet the ex’s fam b/c he had ISSUES. Period. Your boy? He’s fab. ADORES both you and his family. It makes sense that all the people he adores should know each other and get along. You deserve that. :)

  7. Silvia Says:

    Such cute pix! Love the dress–you’re developing quite the sewing skills. Nice.

  8. Carol Says:

    Ex-boyfriend lived with his parents. ‘nuf said.

  9. Betsy Says:

    So nice to see you happy and drunk again!(kidding)
    Very pretty wedding! Maybe someday…………….

  10. carolyn Says:

    glad you had a great time with the boy’s fam but can you tell us what pattern the dress is from? :)

  11. Texy the Drunk Says:

    Ah. Mah. Gahd. Cutest dress EVER.

    Also, I am SO jealous of the super fun times.

    And ALSO, I totally understand about the ‘rents. How weird we were both meeting them so recently?! We are on some identical bizarro relationship continuum. You know what that means? You CANNOT breakup w/ him!

  12. Macoco Says:

    That dress rocks! Great job!

  13. Kirby Says:

    Ok, I’m an admitted lurker of your blog. I was actually trying to read many of the MD blogger’s blogs before the MDSWF and in doing so ended up seeing many of you at the Festival but couldn’t very well approach you and be all “Hi, you don’t me…but I’m a lurker of your blog!”
    I don’t think I’ve ever left a comment before but I just wanted to say how I can completely relate to the X-factor and family issues. My X’s family sucked and I’ve decided that from now on I’m only going to date guys that come from great functional families! Good plan.

    Also, I love the dress you made. I was totally fooled and thought you bought it from Ann Taylor or something. Great Job!

  14. Anne Marie Says:

    Oh Vibegrrl…I love you so much. Especially now that you think my family is functional.
    Perhaps all of those hours of staring at your sewing has dampened your power of observation.
    Anyway, so glad that you could share the day with all of us!
    Your dress is PERFECT! It fit you like a glove.
    You even impressed Nanny with it (she is a seamstress extraordinaire)

  15. Stacey Says:

    I bought a pattern for a dress… but it turns out that it is beyond my skills :( I would love to see another picture of the dress. And maybe some info as to what pattern you used?

    And the pics from the wedding? How great is the short sleeves and tie look?!

  16. joanna Says:

    i’m sooo happy that i finally got to meet you and everyone LOVEs you by the way! yay fun times!

  17. biglug Says:

    You are so lucky to spend time with those awesome people! Looks like fun. My ex-boyfriend’s family was a nightmare – and Mr. Lug’s family is so different and was so nice to me when I met them – it’ such a relief really. Your dress is AWESOME! I can’t believe your mad sewing skillz.

  18. Texy the Drunk Says:

    ahem… [tapping foot]
    Hello? Is there anybody OUT THERE???

    … sheesh. You start dating Sweety McDreamerton and we never hear from you again? What gives?

    And also. Will you come over and make over some of my t-shirts, please?