I haven’t been knitting much. Or Sewing.

Mostly all I’ve been doing is working, watching ridiculous quantities of LOST (season 1!) episodes in a feverish attempt to catch up, and driving to and from the Bronx.

I wish The Bronx was closer. I wish the Bronx was DC, or that DC was the Bronx. Whichever. Either way, it would mean that Adam wouldn’t be 4.5 hours away.

I miss him :(

We had two pretty great weekends these last two weeks. Really nice weekends. The kind that possibly make you puke rainbows, with Merry-Go-Rounds and ice cream and flowers and cozy afternoon naps.


And Alligators.

Don’t see it?


Maybe this is better?

Hee!!! Adam and the kids and I met my brother and co. at the Bronx Zoo. Ashley and Elias had superfungoodtimes together. The two of them are so cute it can literally turn your heart into a puddle (forGET what happens when you put the 4 babies together! Just make sure you have insurance.)

I also got to spend lot of time alone with Adam and the boys. It’s a brave new world for me, dating a man with babies — a challenging one — but also a really sweet one.

The knitting is coming back, but slowly. The weather is cooling down, so hopefully, the inspiration will rush in. I’m hoping to bring you a little more knitting and a little less smittenkitten.

‘Cause otherwise I know you’re gonna come after me.

(after you recover from the Cute Overload, that is.)

8 Responses to “DC/Bronx”

  1. carolyn Says:

    sounds like you are living a lot of good life right now. regardless of the driving distance. :)

  2. Laundro Says:

    It will all work out. Patience is critical.

    PS. Lost is amazing! Glad you enjoy it.
    PPS. Baltimore is my home now. So weird!

  3. maya Says:

    If you’re not knitting, at least you getting to spend time with your boy! Those kids are so precious!

  4. Silvia Says:

    Awww. Cuties one and all. Drive safe!

  5. Sheri Says:

    Three good lookin’ boys – what more can you ask for? Cold weather also means hats & mitts for little ‘uns – they make for quick FOs!

  6. Carrie Says:

    Oh my lord, what cuties. Like Adam needs anything to make him cuter, but THOSE CHILDREN. ARE SO CUTE.

    Keep on puking those rainbows…

  7. Tanya Says:

    I obviously had a lot of catching up to do on my blog reads. I haven’t read your since May and man have you been busy. What a hunk of a boyfriend and those boys are absolutely adorable. You not only look happy but you’re glowing. So glad that life is good for you :)


  8. Anne Marie Says:

    OMG! So adorable! I’m so glad you post pictures of my supa-cute nephews because my OWN BROTHER never sends me any. Ever.
    Thank you!

    I, too, wish the Bronx was a bit more in the Southerly direction. And DC, for that matter.