Ring Ring.

The following is a phone conversation that took place earlier this evening:

Me: Hello?

Guy: Hello?

Me: Yes?

Guy: Is your mom there?

Me: No.

Guy: Who’s this?

Me: Who’s this?!

Guy: George*.

Me: What do you want, George?

Guy: To speak to your mom.

Me: About what?!

Guy: About an Insurance progr…

Me(cutting George off): Um, I don’t think she’s interested and also? She lives in NY, but THANKS FOR CALLING!


*Name changed to protect the fact that I can’t rememeber what his stupid name really was.

5 Responses to “Ring Ring.”

  1. Amy Says:

    Its because you’ve got that sweet little innocent voice… right?

  2. Rossana Says:


    Have I ever told you about the health insurance person who called and wanted to speak to my grandfather about in-home nursing care? Except Grandpa had passed on six months prior. I gently suggested the health insurance rep update the company’s records.

  3. Shaz Says:


  4. Celia Says:

    Hahahahahaha… you should of asked him, what kind of insur… oh nvm. lol me and my nasty mind. ttyl.

  5. Cathy Says:

    At 33, I still get that question!! It’s almost better b/c they end up not wanting to talk to you!!