Peace Out, October.

I cannot tell you how glad I am to see the end of October.

October and I? Not on speaking terms.

October sucks.

Perhaps next year I will feel differently, but THIS YEAR, I am glad to see October go. I’m sorta kinda hoping it’s just a case of something like the-planet-formerly-known-as-Pluto in retrograde or some related pseudo-astrological crap. THAT way, now that November is on it’s way, everything will sorta straighten out and stop messing with me — that’s what I’m hoping, anyway. Whatever. Either way, October’s out.

Major highlights? Well, first, there is the recinding of a generous, unsolicited offer, losing the ability to buy a condo, and the start of what will likely come to be known as The Great Rift. (It probably won’t register as that significant to anyone but ME, but let’s just say there are some extended family members I no longer feel inclined to speak with.) Also? The first major glitch in a relationship that has been sailing along pretty peacefully until now. But hey, it had to happen right? We can’t be all rainbows and kittens and lollipops ALL THE TIME, right? Sometimes shit’s gotta get serious for a second.

Then, there’s the fact that, even though I DON’T get a shiny new condo with a skylight, I STILL HAVE TO F’IN MOVE, because my roomate ran off to create a love-nest and my current rent is high enough to buy a small island of castaways. This is the current state of my apartment:

seriously. ew.

It’s all gotta be packed by Monday, 3:30pm
(and I STILL have to work tomorrow AND Monday.)

Shoot me.




It hasn’t been ALL bad. There were some NICE highlights too:

soyouthinkyoucanDANCE, the LIVE tour!
(dude, shut UP! It was a GOOD show!)

Me and Helen with dancer Dmitri
(he was the Latin Ballroom Dancer who was always ripping his shirt off. Clearly a favorite of Helen’s.)

Helen and Liz got me backstage to meet all the dancers, which ended up being really cool :) It cheered me up on a day I *really* needed it. Let’s just say that, although I’m moving in three days, as of LAST WEEK, I had no where to move TO. YAY! Did I mention October sucks?!!?

Then there was pumpkin picking with Adam and Diwali with the fam:

Hayrides ROCK!
(as do Apple fritters, pumpkin patches and hot apple cider!)

the girls.
(minus Bananahead and her momma).

Adam, not pictured in the above Diwali shot because he is not a girl, was nearby and very, very drunk, having been given 8 shots of I don’t know WHAT in the span of about half an hour. (Them’s my peeps. That’s how we roll. They got him drunk and then asked him to marry them. Yeaaaaaah. GREAT! WAY TO GO, FAM!)

And while I did not get to attend Rhinebeck (another grand reason to hate ye, October), I DID get a pseudo Rhinebeck roadtrip (complete with Rhinebeck iPod mix) AND QT with Carrie, Anne-Marie, Sarah Bible and Snargle Sarah.

Sarah, proving herself HARDCORE by seaming IN THE CAR, WITH A HEADLAMP!
(at 2am. in a little black dress. Because we’re HARDCORE!)

the knitty girls.
Right before they left to Festival. I am not REMOTELY jealous here.

Seeing all of those girls and their beautiful handknit sweaterly goodness really started to inspire me. hopefully, once I get to the new place, I’ll get cracking on some new knits. I miss my knitting. :(

That’s not to say I’ve abandoned it entirely though…I have been working on this from time-to-time:

It is a Bananahead Beanie for my cousin.

It will someday grow up to be this hat.
(here modeled by Daniel Thaddeus who wears his ALL. THE. TIME.)

Thanks again for all the support. It’s really comforting to know that you guys are here and listening. :)

The freak-out is over and I’m feeling sooooo much better. While you never know where things are gonna end up, right now everything looks good. So, yay! Now if this MOVE could just be OVER.

Anyone wanna come over and pack for me?

17 Responses to “Peace Out, October.”

  1. Sheri Says:

    Hope November is a better month for you! Good luck finding a new place. Sorry I’m too far away to help pack. :( {{{{hugs}}}}

  2. Amy Says:

    Happy dance for leaving October… sad faces for October being sucky. Be glad its almost over! November will be better :-)

  3. Sarah Says:

    And I concur – November will be better. My October hasn’t been SO bad, but I’m not sorry to see it go, either.

  4. Stacey Says:

    2 more days, baby, and October is OVER.
    I will totally come over and help you pack. It just might take me a while to drive there (since I can’t afford airfare). See you in a week. Oh wait, you have to be out by Monday. Crap. I’ll be there in spirit ;)

  5. Norma Says:

    We MISSED you in Rhinebeck. Yes, we did. Even though there were sixty-five million people there and the decibel level was painful at times, there was no Lara. I hope November is BETTER, WAY better.

  6. Mark Kaye Says:

    So I totally knew that something was wrong because you were all mopey the last few days when you walked in the studio at 10 AM. But you said everything was fine(unconvincingly). Luckily I read your blog to find out otherwise.

    By the way Beanie’s hat is awesome but getting tight…Hint Hint!

    Talk to you after the show!

  7. Sil Says:

    Well I’m glad to see the back of October too. Can’t help you pack, but I’m with you in spirit. Take care girlie!

  8. Maya Says:

    Sorry for the woeful October. :-( we missed you at Rheinbeck! Good luck with the packing (I really feel your pain. really.) and I hope November is a 100x better month! take care…

  9. Cara Says:

    Oh honey – I’m sorry October sucked. Bring on November!

  10. frecklegirl jess Says:

    Only a few days left… you can make it!

    Good luck with the move. One bit of advice- moving is easier if you throw/ give a lot of crap away. ;)

  11. empress Says:

    October isn’t going fast enough. I feel your pain!

  12. sarah b. Says:

    I would totally come help you pack except for that little glitch of me living in Texas. It’s easy to offer when it’s an impossibility. :-) Good luck! Hope it goes as smoothly as moving can!

  13. Texy the Drunk Says:

    OK. It’s ALL BETTER. Agreements were reached, tentative peace accords (and some serious GETTIN IT ON) have occurred. You are safe. He *IS* INTO YOU, ya hear me? So totally, loopily into you, he can hardly speak. (I mean, if we are still on that parallel thing.)

  14. Monica Says:

    Peace out indeed! October completely sucked for me too. Seriously, I started to sound like my grandma, thinking someone gave me the evil eye or something! Let’s hope November is much better!

  15. Rossana Says:

    I would totally help you pack, but am quite far away in Hong Kong at the moment. How’s the move coming along? Sorry about the cruddy October. =( November’s got to be better.

  16. biglug Says:

    Yes, Yea for November for October was hard for me as well…but moving? It sucketh. I have an extra room if you need somewhere to stay and happen to want to commute from pennsylvania!

  17. Elspeth Says:

    I am so, so late to the party here, but if you still need help packing/moving/beating up obnoxious men, I am so there. Take care, feel better; you’re holding up beautifully.