Scorpios ROCK.

30-something years ago today, something quite amazing happened.

The world got a whole lot more…


Definately a lucky day for the future me, for SURE :)


7 Responses to “Scorpios ROCK.”

  1. Laundro Says:


  2. Sheri Says:

    Have a Happy Birthday, Adam!

  3. Cara Says:

    I see you got your priorities right. Goofy should definitely be on the top. Life and love are nothing without the goofiness. Happy Birthday!

  4. sarah b. Says:

    Happy birthday Adam!!! Hope things are good in your world, Lara! Miss ya!

  5. Anne Marie Says:

    I can’t belive my little brother is 30-something.
    Happy Birthday to Adam!

  6. ebony Says:

    haaappy birthday adam. we’ve had so much fun together, a-dawg. here’s to 30 more. yeeehawwww.

  7. Joanne Says:

    aw, u 2 look so happy together … I told u Scorpios & Cancers were perfect for each other! (Take it from a fellow Scorpio ;))