Tree, 2006.

It’s Christmas Time, and with Christmas Time, comes the obtaining of a Christmas Tree.

Those who know me know this is a BIG DEAL in vibeland.

But before we get to the festivities, first things first.


2. I finished the little baby hat for my weee cousin Ben:

here modeled by Pluto.

Ok, now for the tree.

I love Christmas Trees.


I cannot do Christmas without a Christmas Tree.

I will suffer through with a fake one if forced to, but really, my wee heart yearns for the piney deliciousness of a real tree.


I drive a VW Beetle.

Without a ski rack.

One cannot obtain a 7′ Christmas Tree with a teeeeeny tiiiiny VW Beetle. It would be some sort of Holiday Miracle if someone actually managed to pull it off. (really, to me, it seems less Holiday Miracle and more Roadside-Holiday-Disaster-just-WAITING-to-happen)

THEREFORE, I usually borrow a company vehicle for the occasion.

I have to admit, this year I was a little scared to ask for a compnay vehicle. The last time I borrowed a HOT SUV to take on the Great Tree Hunt, they gave me the Cargo Van.

Vibegrrl no likey the Cargo Van.

Vibegrrl is SCARED of the Cargo Van.

Perhaps, some of you remember THE FACE?


Thankfully, this year, they gave me an Xterra:

A FACE-free vehicle! YAY!

The Xterra ROCKS. I {{heart}} The Xterra! SO EASY TO DRIVE! SO CUTE! In it I hopped, and off to my favorite tree lot I went!

piney deliciousness!

I used to have to hit 4-5 lots and check out SCADS of trees before I picked The One. I’m picky. VERY picky. Much rotating and fluffing and re-rotating and shaking needs to be done before decisions can be made. I now pretty much just go to one lot, but I still try to check out a bunch of trees before making up my mind. THE PERFECT TREE MUST BE OBTAINED!!


As I was checking out one particular tree and comparing it to the first tree I saw, the tree guy carefully pointed out that a family was hovering around said tree!!!!!!

Wha? NOOO!

Before I could do ANYTHING, that family snapped up *my* tree and carried it off!!


That’s when the tree guy said to me, “Let this be a lesson in indecision, young lady!”


I promptly picked this one. Couldn’t take any chances!

I was scared at first, since he was only the second tree I looked at, that I’d been too hasty…but I think he turned out to be a mighty fine tree!

What’s that?

How do I know the tree is a HE!?!?!!?

Well, because of this:

his name is Clinton

Apparently, Clinton came with his own Certificate of Adoption!




So, tonight, I decorate!


Oh, and specifically for Stacey, who requested THE FACE, I give you this little nugget from my Thanksgiving celebrations:

AFTER this pic, my brother realized the electric knife was STILL plugged in.

Happy Weekend!

11 Responses to “Tree, 2006.”

  1. maya Says:

    sweet tree!

  2. Michelle Says:

    Hi there – a regular lurker and first time commenter. Had to comment to say my maiden name was – wait for it… [dramatic pause!] “Clinton” (no relation to Bill!). Hope my tree does you proud. Happy holidays.

  3. Sarah W. Says:

    Clinton is awesome! We also got a tree, but it has no name. Yet.

  4. Erika Says:

    Clinton is fab. You must post pictures once he’s been decorated. BTW, just curious, were there any girl trees, or were they all boy trees?

    Oh yeah, and I heart your new time slot! I get to listen to you now on Tuesdays and Thursdays when baby is off in daycare and I’m out and about. :)

  5. Lara Says:

    Your tree is gorgeous! There is nothing better than a real Christmas tree with all the twinkling lights and decorations. Enjoy!

    PS ~ gotta love brothers. :-)

  6. carolyn Says:

    the caption for that picture? dude. scary! that’s why my dad has a beard, he refuses to get lethal weapons that close to his jugular! ;)

  7. Betsy Says:

    happy tree!
    I swear the guy at my lot took my nice tree I picked and gave me an unadoptable bastard tree. One that never got a trim or some lovin. When we got it home and up I was cursing the tree guy! Busted out the pruning shears and had at it. Stuck together hands and all. Hung the freaking lights 3 times till they were right. (the first time – when I went to plug them in, well let’s just say the plug was at the wrong end of the tree) They say the 3rd time is the charm. Merry Christmas and lots of sweet piney freshness!

  8. Stacey Says:

    YES!!!!! Gotta love the face :)

    Oh…and I think I need your new address. You know, just so you can get a Christmas card on, like, January 2nd.

  9. Sheri Says:

    Nice looking tree. Whole lot better than mine. Cool idea with the adoption papers. (I went to one tree lot and only one tree lot. If husband would have been home I’m sure we’d still be looking.)

  10. fin Says:

    Clinton is very distinguished.

  11. frecklegirl jess Says:

    Have the happy christmas gnomes taken you away? Come back- it’s 2007!

    no guilt- really. Who am I to talk. Just saying hi, is all. :)