It’s February Already?

There are NO POSTS for January 2007! I don’t think there’s ever been another month EVER in the history of this blog (since I started taking it seriously) that had NO ENTRIES! SHAME!

I have no good excuses to give you.

Are you even still reading?


Well, I thought about jumping into February and forgetting aaalll about January, but I just. can’t! It’s been tradition here at vibeknits to reflect back and look forward and whatnot when the year changes.



  • I started Ice Skating Lessons And I’m still doing them!!! I’m up to Freestyle 2 now (although, I won’t likely pass to Freestyle 3 this session because my 1-foot spin is non-existent!) Also? The guitar and the ballet have kinda fallen by the wayside for now. FOR NOW!
  • A bunch of my friends moved away and I’m still totally mad at them for it ;)
  • I met the best thing that’s ever happened to me He still totally thinks I’m confused. I know better ;)
  • I got introduced o the Chinatown Bus. I don’t care it it DOES turn out to be a coke-smuggling operation (or something equally as shady) $35 roundtrip CANNOT be beat!
  • I stopped working out and started turning back to mush. Au revoir, Laurent :(
  • I had one of the worst birthdays ever (6.26.06). There were fun birthday times SURROUNDING my birthday, but I spent part of the evening of my actual 30th birthday crying in a bathroom stall. And a metro car. It was sad.
  • I FINALLY WENT TO PARIS! I’ve always always *always* wanted to go to France and I DID! And it was SOMUCHFABULOUS!
  • My roomate fell in luuurrrve and left me to build a lovenest with her boy.
  • I GOT PROMOTED! After four years of being a hermit and working late nights from 10p-2a, I got moved to MIDDAYS, 10a-3pm! LISTEN ONLINE!
  • I left my sweet knitting store job. I don’t miss stacking yarn balls per se, but I totally miss all the peoples, most of whom I never really get to see anymore :(
  • My heart got broken by a family member and I moved AGAIN, and NOT into my own Condo. It’s not about the money though, it’s about the priciple.
  • I stopped knitting! :( Ok, not STOPPED stopped, but something’s WRONG with me. I’m SO not knitting that much and I TOTALLY could be! I guess I just need to be really inspired by something…

I don’t really have any resolutions for 2007 and I’m not setting any abstract goals, because let’s face it…I pretty much broke every ‘goal’ I set for 2006. But I do have one thing I really wanna work on this year. My one hope for 2007 is:

  • To be a better friend

I think I used to be a really good friend. Somehow though, I’ve slipped I think and it makes me really sad. I can do so much better.

In 2007, I want my friends to feel loved, cared for and appreciated because people, there isn’t much else in this life that’s more important.

2007 (stealing from my bf) is also The Year of the Finances. Saying any more than that would be actual goal-setting, so I’ll stop right there.

May you all have a 2007 that puts my 2006 to shame. You deserve it.

9 Responses to “It’s February Already?”

  1. Rossana Says:

    Happy Year of the Golden Pig to you, my friend! =)

  2. sarah Says:

    Welcome back! It is so easy to let the blogging slide around the holidays; I know I did! (Heck, I just finished posting pics from *Thanksgiving!*)

    Anyhoo, glad you’re back and it sounds like your year was overall a good one!

  3. Carrie Says:

    Yay, a vibey post! We miss ya, girlie! I know this is going to be a freakin’ kick ASS year for you … I can just feel it!


  4. Megan Says:

    Soooo nice to have you back! Happy new year! Love reading your posts and missed you last month.

  5. Stacey Says:

    Hey! Glad you’re out of hiding ;)

    Year of the finances, indeed. I started a 401k the other day. I feel so grown up. Now I need to get an IRA going…*sigh*
    And I know what you mean on the better friend front. I feel the same way :)

  6. frecklegirl jess Says:

    yay- hi!

    All good things to you this year! XO

  7. Shaz Says:

    I’m proud of my little vibey sis. :)

  8. natalie Says:

    Welcome back! It was great to see you at the stash swap – thanks for co-hosting!

  9. Stephanie Says:

    Welcome back! (As I stumbled upon your page this week, I feel that it is still nice to read recent information on blog sites) I appreciate your sense of resolution. Short and to the point.

    As a new blog reader, I am intrigued by someone who has worked at a yarn store as well as 99.5. Very unique.