Betsy tagged me.

I don’t think I’ve ever been tagged before.


Um, right, so…

I guess this means I gotta do her MEME, eh?

5 secrets about vibey:

  1. I kinda hated knitting when I started. However, I kept doing it because I wanted the finished products. 3 Years later, I got Stitch n’ Bitch as a gift and fell in love with knitting.
  2. I learned about sex from a set of encycolpedias we had in our basement. I freaked out. YOU PUT WHAT WHERE?!?!?!
  3. I wear my jeans *many* times before I wash them again. This will gross some of you out to NO END!
  4. In my eighth grade school picture, I have a unibrow. UNIBROW = *ONE* EYEBROW. Sad.
  5. Any plant I own dies. If you love your plant, don’t entrust it to me.

It’s a lame list of secrets, but I dug deep and it’s all I could come up with!!! (Except for the stuff I seriously can’t tell you. You know how it is.)

Happy weekend!!! :)

7 Responses to “Shhhh…”

  1. Stacey Says:

    The jeans thing? Me too. Sometimes I will wear them as many as 10 times before I wash them. Shhhh…

  2. jodi Says:

    The jeans thing isn’t gross. People have been totally sucked in by advertising designed to make them terrified that any behaviour that doesn’t include using lots and lots of expensive products is going to result in us being smelly and unloved. I currently have to get to the laundromat on my bike, with one backpack of laundry at a time. You can bet your sweet arse I’m getting as much wear out of these jeans as possible before giving up that much backpack space to them.

  3. Carrie Says:

    Dude. Jeans are SO much more comfortable when they have that worn-every-day-this-week feeling.

    I learned about sex in 2nd grade on the playground. Yikes.

  4. biglug Says:

    I wear my jeans a number of times before washing them too. I hate jeans just out of the dryer. Ugh.

  5. sarah Says:

    Okay, freaky-deaky, I am with you on #2, #3, #4, AND #5!!!!

  6. Robin Says:

    I definitely wear my jeans more than once between washings too! No biggie! I’m surprised you stuck with knitting for 3 years before you liked it! I guess I exactly feel that way about crochet though!!

  7. frecklegirl jess Says:

    Doesn’t everyone do that with their jeans?

    I am gonna send you couple emails about our new website- let me know if you are not interested, no pressure.

    Scandal at you radio station, huh? I just heard something on NPR about it.