I’ve been *wanting* to knit…

…but now I caaaaan’t!

I didn’t when I had the ability, and now I am thoroughly SCA-REWED.

Why, you ask?

Oh…just this:

vibegrrl’s bad luck streak continues…

My attempts to become an ice skating supastah landed me with a broken wrist and a SUPER FUN NEW ACCESSORY for the next 6-12 weeks.


I did TRY to knit though…

…to no avail.

best part?




Sad Gimpy Vibegrrl.

(btw? you are so totally *NOT* allowed to make fun of my hair. It’s is really hard to blow dry hair with one hand!)

So, no more knitting, ice skating, typing/writing legibly, dish washing, smelling pretty, hair cutening, sewing, sheet changing, food chopping, or pretty much ANYTHING involving the use of two hands and/or water.


For a full gallery on what it’s like to be gimpy vibegrrl, clicky here.

Will still be blogging though.

Hopefully more than I have been.

Hopefully ;)

29 Responses to “I’ve been *wanting* to knit…”

  1. Sil Says:

    Poor girl! That sucks hard. I hope it doesn’t hurt and it’s just annoying. Well at least your bones are knitting together during the healing process. You could get a Wii, you only need one hand for that.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Oh dear! That sucks!!! Will you still come to meetup though? :)

  3. Shaz Says:

    hang in there sis….you’ll be knitting again before you know it!!!

  4. Heather Says:

    That stinks. I think I can 1-up you though . . .
    I may have been bitten by a bat, and have to take rabies vacine for the next 6 weeks.

    though i can’t imagine what i’d do if i couldn’t knit. I think that’s worse.

  5. Laundro Says:

    OH NO! Hang in there!

  6. Lara Says:

    Terrible news. I’m worried for you about the dishes thing (I peeked at the photos).

  7. Kate Says:

    Lara… so sorry! We’ll all be thinking super-quick-healing thoughts so you can be back knitting in no time!

  8. natalie Says:

    Poor kid! Can you dye roving or yarn?

  9. Carrie Says:

    OMG, Silvia is a genius. You should get a Wii and bowl with your right hand. YES.

    Poor schmoo.

  10. dani Says:

    Awww, I’m sorry Lara! Happy healing!

  11. Ann Says:

    Oh NO! That totally blows. When I broke my elbow it was a total pain in the ass… styling hair, showering etc. with one hand… just be glad you can bend your elbow! And, hopefully that 6 weeks will just FLY by… Maybe this is a good time to take up crochet? Doesn’t it only take one good hand?

  12. Lauren Says:

    I totally understand the hair thing! I broke my wrist as a high school senior and was irritated that I couldn’t hold the blow dryer that I just cut my hair and wore it curly all the time (I was straightening everyday) =) I hope that you aren’t too inconvenienced!!

  13. Norma Says:

    Oh, honey, you look so SAD. You manage to look like Halle Berry even when you’re sad, but you still look sad.

  14. claudia Says:

    Dude, you totally picked the same color cast that I did! I broke the karate chop bone in my right hand (I’m a righty) 10 or so years ago and had that exact cast on. Sorry about the skating debacle….actually the threat of injury was why I stopped myself.

  15. Sheri Says:

    That really sucks! Hope you heal fast!

  16. Betsy Says:

    Are you able to hook a bra? zipper after you pee? and all those other lovely lady things? I had my hands in casts (diff time) (due to surgery) my sister had to come over each day to hook my f’ing bra……..
    love to you Lara may hand sanitizer be your best friend for a few weeks!

  17. Krista Says:

    But doesn’t that make for good radio show banter?

    Have you thought of getting a “cast protector”? I googled, and there seems to be some amount of choice on these. Some can be pricey, but others seem reasonable if they’ll last you a while…




    Well, you get the point.

    And, to make you feel a little better, my brother once broke both elbows in the same exact place falling off a bike. He was put into casts at the emergency room. Think about that for a minute. Elbows. There are little intimate details of your everyday biological necessities that you don’t even want your spouse to be a part of. Luckily, the specialist wanted him to be able to move his elbows right away for proper heeling, so it didn’t last.

    Hope you’re able to get the hang of being a gimp soon.

  18. michelle Says:

    Yikes! Heal quickly. At least you have a fashionable cast.

  19. frecklegirl jess Says:

    Unbelievable- you better do a couple good deeds to boost your karma points. Or start wearing helmets. The universe is trying to tell you something.

    NO knitting? Maybe you can try out a little crochet, with your right hand. Drat, I am trying… :(

  20. frecklegirl jess Says:

    hehehe- and those pictures are priceless. I am not laughing at you, I swear.

  21. Cindy Says:

    I like the cast protector idea. But I swear, use press ‘n seal. If you seal it right, no water seepage! I used on Alyssa when she burned her hand.

  22. Joanne Says:

    OMG Lara, you’ve hurt yourself!

    Damn, I am SO upset that I can’t be there to help you out some! You were such an amazingly good friend to me when I tore my ACL … and now I’m not even there to return the favor! WAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

    I SUCK!

    Get well soon pretty! *hugz*

  23. Tanya Says:

    Oh, gurl we need to send you some serious good karma vibes. Keep your chin up.


  24. Holly Says:

    My poor baby girl!! I’m so sorry about your wrist! Maybe now would be a good time to learn to knit continental?? To type one handed? Pobrecita! If you were here, I’d give you a huge hug…

  25. Holly Says:

    …do you need help with the dishes? :)

  26. Lorette Says:

    Oops. Been there, done that. You’ll be amazed at how much eventually you’ll learn to do with one hand, and the non-dominant one, at that. Hint #1: find a cheap barber that will shampoo and blow dry your hair for you. They charge much less than a salon. Hint #2: get an electric toothbrush.

  27. joanna Says:

    poor little wing :(

  28. sarah Says:

    You can’t take a shower for six weeks? I’m starting to feel glad I don’t know you in person… ; ) Just teasing, dahling! So sorry you broke your wrist, what a sad mishap!

  29. heather Says:

    ooo poor lara!

    my heart is with you while you can’t knit :(