1,702 Spam Caught.

Thanks for the tip on Akismet!!! So far, since I last posted, it has caught 1,702 SPAM BITCHES.

1,702 in a WEEK!
Good LORD.

{{eye roll}}


But at least now, I have Akismet to help me, so thanks :)

I’m sooo excited to be re-obsessed with knitting!!! I’ve been taking it with me *everywhere* — To see Beckham take on DC (yum!), to outdoor movies at the Strathmore, to coochie Dr. appts — EVERYWHERE! SO FUN! I even brought my knitting to the sa-lon!!! (What’s a head-bake without knitting?!?!?)

James at PR@Partners {{hearts}} me and totally fixed me up all purty!!! I love James.

(Today I’m using wordpress to upload my pics and I have no editing software on hand, so click on the teeeenytiiiiiiny thumbnails to see the full pics, ok? ROCK IT!)

Before. With Pigtails.
This is BEFORE.


Between the knitting and the hair, I feel so much better! So much more myself! It’s wierd, but also awesome! YAY!

I’ve definately made some progress on Coachella…I’ve gotten about 10 rows past where you join the back to the front. My row gauge is off, so I’mma have to re-figure where the waist shaping goes, but I think it’s coming out cute so far…

Coachella progress.
The color is off, and I’m a bit farther now, but this is the latest pic!

I’m excited!!! YAY KNITTING!!

So, that’s all from here. Not much more to report. I will leave you with this though…Reason 7,492 why he’s *definately* a keeper:

He can make a kid into a Superhero with just a bit of construction paper and tape.

15 Responses to “1,702 Spam Caught.”

  1. Cara Says:

    Never underestimate the power of good hair, good knits, good men and good spam blockers! (Not necessarily in that order!)

  2. Anne Marie Says:

    Oooh girl, your hair is SASSY!
    Me likey.
    Glad your back in the knitting scene more…it’ll put a girl in harmony with this world.
    And thanks so much for posting the picture of my super hero nephew. I was wondering if he would ever go public with his powers.

  3. claudia Says:

    Good hair, indeed.

  4. Laundro Says:

    We used to go to PR @ Partners downtown on K Street… He was the Turkish dude there. I can’t remember his name. He was awesome, but always did the same haircut no matter what I said.

  5. mai Says:

    a-ha! i was looking at last year’s photos from the little black dress party at the clarendon ballroom, and i kept seeing the same girl over and over, and i said to myself, “hmm, that looks an awful lot like vibegrrl from ravelry, but nahhhh….” but it WAS you! you work for 99.5! that’s so funny that i recognized you from your ravelry photo. i’m a dork :)

  6. mai Says:

    by the way, your new haircut is HOT!

  7. carolyn Says:

    very very cute. but even cuter is your new blog header/logo/dealybop, that is an awesome pic of you!!!!! yay for a fun new blog layout!!!

  8. Amy Says:

    HOTT as always, aren’t you? And I’m glad you’re obsessed with the knit again. It does feel good!

  9. frecklegirl jess Says:

    Hair is cute! Glad you made a decision about it. :)

  10. Betsy Says:

    I like the new and improved bloggy, hair and knitting love. Super heros are indeed a loved thing.
    If you see the Beck, blow a kiss for me, a lowerish type area kiss! eek!!!

  11. molly! Says:

    Super cute hair! Like the new blog look, too. :)

  12. dani Says:

    Fab new hair! Now, where can I pick up some of your knitting mojo?!?

  13. Sarah Says:

    Yay for knitting mojo! So glad you’re back, and with a fab new haircut, too!

  14. Gina b. Says:

    Heart the hair…very stylish!

  15. Joanne Says:

    hey thanks for mentioning Akismet, Lara; it really works! :P sweet new blog design too. your pic in the header is SO cute OMG!

    oh and also, yay knitting! haha

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