oooo, baby, do you know what that’s worth?

oooo, heaven is a place on earrrthhhhh…

This weekend, Adam and I got to escape to a place I can only describe as magical.

If I show you the pictures, it will *look* like a completely average place, but to us, it was a little slice of heaven on earth.

My (blogless) friend Sarah K. lent us her little house in Woodstock :) We rode the motorcycle up from the Bronx (which was an awesome adventure it itself) and we’d planned to ride around and explore the area. However, as soon as we stepped in the front door, we knew we didn’t really want to be anywhere else.

We lounged, we listened to records (RECORDS!!!), we looked through old books, we played backgammon, Adam cooked, I knit, and we both soaked in the amazing vibe surrounding Sarah’s little house. It used to belong to her great-aunt Skip, and from the little she’s told me about Skip, and the feelings we had being in the house, I know she had to have been a kick-ass lady.

Besides the instantly comfortable vibe inside, and the amazing property surrounding the house, there is one other reason I thought I’d died and gone to my own personal little heaven:

Woodstock Wool Company was practically just *steps* away!

I’d like to tell you that that the Alpaca yumminess came home with me, but alas, we rode up on the bike, with just a wee backpack for our stuff. No room for yarn :( (even squished). {{sigh}}

The limited room, however, did not stop me from bringing my KNITTING on the trip! Further proof that my slump is over!!! If you don’t believe me, I present you with this:


Knit on 9s with 4 balls of Berrocco Suede in Black (actually, three balls and 3 rows worth of a 4th.)


My first *substantial* FO in the longest time EVER!


I’ve already started something new!! AND I SWATCHED!!!!

Ooohhhh, buut wait…

The INSANITY continues!

Not only did I SWATCH, BUT!

I washed the swatches…

…and I blocked the swatches!!!


(I don’t EVER think I’ve washed a swatch. like, EVER.)

Meet my new baby:

Central Park Hoodie!!

I am using some tastilicious Debbie Bliss Donegal Aran Tweed in color 6. FUCHIA! YES! I am 1″ into the ribbing on the left front and ON. MY. WAY.

(anyone who brings up Rogue at this point is going to get their asses kicked, and by *anyone*, you know who I mean.)

ok, it’s now 11:19, and nearing my bedtime. Apparently, I NEED a bedtime, or this old lady doesn’t get up in time, ends up rushing to work in the rain, and finds herself with a $75 red light ticket that she doesn’t mind getting because she’s just glad to still be alive and employed.

ps – Speaking of old, remind me to tell you next time about my 31 and 1/4 birthday celebration and why my boyfriend is the coolest mother-f’in boyfriend on the PLANET.

19 Responses to “oooo, baby, do you know what that’s worth?”

  1. Stacey Says:

    Ooh, I am excited for you and your CPH. I too have wanted to make one recently. I have never swatched and watched either. Maybe one of these days I will learn.

    And that little house? Knitting? A motorcycle ride? RECORDS???? Heaven indeed. I am a jealous girl.

  2. Nathania Says:

    Your Coachella is HOTT! Looks fabulous on you. Glad you and Adam got some well-deserved down time together. I could use a little heaven like that.

  3. Carrie Says:

    ooh, that looks like SO MUCH FUN. That little house is adorable! omg how was the bike? Coachella is HOT, lady.

  4. paula Says:

    sigh… poor rogue… ;) not that mine will ever be done either!

  5. Laundro Says:

    The cabin looks amazing! My kind of vacation! A real vacation is totally complete when one listens to vinyl. Now that’s something people should do more often!

  6. Cara Says:

    It all looks wonderful and you will ROCK the CPH. It’s a very fun knit!

  7. Sarah Says:

    I love your Coachella! And I’m super happy to hear that the slump is broken, even if it is to the detriment of poor Rogue. On the plus side, CPH is looking good in that pink!
    And that cabin sounds awesome… might have to talk to Sarah K.!

  8. Betsy Says:

    How amazingly wonderful to see pictures of the bestest vibers in all the lands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Miss you vibaliscous

  9. frecklegirl jess Says:

    Holy helga- that shirt should be illegal!

    Damn! ;)

  10. carolyn Says:

    dude. you look f***ing h-o-t hot in that there knit. and wow that house looks amazing. i DO belive it’s heaven on earth. sounds like you had a great time!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!! :)

  11. biglug Says:

    that coachella is really cute! and that house looks like a dream.

  12. claudia Says:

    Whoever designed that hat ought to PAY YOU for making it look so good.

  13. Jenna Says:

    What a perfect little retreat! Knitting and cooking and listening to records with your love sounds like a perfect, cozy time.

    While the Coachella looks spectacular on you, I sincerely hope that you wore something over it while you were on the bike! And I hope you had a helmet that fit well, too. I’m very protective about these things with people I know, I’ve heard too many stories (end motherly lecturing now).

  14. dani Says:

    Welcome back to the land of the knitting! Your little escape hut looks absolutely fantastic. Pardon me while I go seethe with jealousy. *seethe, seethe, seethe*

  15. Phyl Says:

    Wow! What a fabulous escape. It looks perfect, sounds perfect and HELLO your FO is HOT!

  16. Sarah K Says:

    So glad you enjoyed Skip’s house. And you do look totally smokin’ in the Coachella. Youza!

  17. eby Says:

    i liiiiike that shirt!

  18. Lori Says:

    Hi there,
    Just stumbled on your blog via Ravelry and had to comment here. My husband has a SV650 motorcycle too. And, we just took a little bike vacation. I know EXACTLY how small those bags are and there is NO room for the knitting.
    Looks like you had fun.

  19. Aimee Says:

    I thought that first picture looked suspiciously like my home town…ahhh to be in Woodstock in the fall. You are sooooooo lucky!

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