You know, since I joined the ranks of the fiber-obsessed, I’ve been bombarding my loved ones with excessive talk about knitting and yarn. And while they nod politely and make their BEST attempts to look FASCINATED as I describe the difference between knit and purl and why my stitches USED to look WONKY, but now look WONDEROUS, I know they couldn’t give a rat’s ass. (that’s why I love them sooo much :) )

Clearly, I have been in need of knitty friends who share the same addiction so that I can shield (well, to SOME extent anyway) said loved ones from having to listen to me go on and on and ON AND ON about said fiber-obsession! (Especially my boyfriend…he listens so well cause he loooooooooooooooooooooooves me)Well, low and BEHOLD! I FOUND ONE!

Turns out, Chelsea of Small Hands lives in my hood! WOO! Yesterday we took a trip to Alexandra to check out the much-talked-about Knit Happens!! WAAY FUN!! The store’s quite cute, with some stuff that my regular LYS (that’s local yarn store — sorry, I forget non-knitters read this) doesn’t carry, but it’s a little out of the way for me to make it a regular hang-out. Hopefully though, Chelsea will be up for more knit adventures in the near future!!!

In NON-KNITTING NEWS, the bf moves to Los Angeles this week :( I’ve managed to put-off being too sad this week, but I know it’s gonna get really rough mid-week as reality finally sets in for good. :( :( :(

Everything else is well… pretty chill. Nothing worthy to report. Oh, well…except (back to knitting)…

I just dropped some cash on THIS. EEE. yeah. I bought it. Plus five skeins of the R2 paper yarn in grey for THIS. Sight-unseen. Yarn-unfelt. :-0

Here’s the kicker though…I bought it from HERE. Notice the price difference? OH HELL YEAH. (do the math — even with shipping it’s still like 44% off US prices!)

Damn internet and online shopping ;)

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