I’m registered!


I know :( I never post. I’m a slacker. I S U C K.

BUT! You’ll be happy to know I registered my own DOMAIN NAME! WOO! And I hooked myself up with HOSTING!

Now, I’d like to FIRST say that, regardless, I *think* I got a GOOD DEAL. But what’s REALLY REALLY amusing to me is if you go to THIS PAGE

You see this line:
This special and pricing is only guaranteed valid through: Wednesday, June 16th, 2004

EVERY DAY, the date changes so that the date is the day after today. LOL! Yo, y’all better hurry up and snag that Spring Special TODAY, cause TOMORROW (and the day after and the day after THAT) it’ll still be there ;) hee.

A N Y W A Y, so I will SOON have my very own WEBSITE! WOO! I present to you:


Yes, I know what it looks like, and yeah, it’s gonna be a big ‘ol ego-fest. It’s supposed to be a sort of resume/promo website..not sure if I’m going to include some content for listeners to dig into, but I do need to update my materials because it’s bad to go three years without having ANYTHING to show god forbid the worst happens, you know? PLUS! I GET UNLIMITED SUB-DOMAINS AND AND AND! THERE’S BLOGGING SOFTWARE ALREADY INSTALLED (or nearly installed)!! So this means that following the birth of vibegrrl.com will be the birth of …




(stay tuned!)

ps- YAY Knitty blogs! YAY puppies! BOO Snipey Bitches!

(**Edit – obviously, this is one of the entries I dragged over from the OLD site. heh.)

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