Teeechnically, I’ve already done this Meme, but Joanne tagged me for it, and I can’t deny that girl, so Meme it is (although, I can’t come up with 14 things about me, so I’mma cut it down to 10):

10 things about Me(me):

  1. When I’m sick, I obsessively check my temperature. I think it’s mostly in hopes I will find out I’m too sick to go to work. Usually, that’s not that case.
  2. I was *never* a fan of New Kids on the Block. I’ve always been very proud of this fact.
  3. I get REALLY pissed off when I inadvertently get exposed to LOST spoilers! DID SOMEONE DIE LAST WEEK? DON’T TELL ME! DID SHE REALLY THOUGH? NO! DON’T TELL ME!
  4. Lately, I’ve been kind of sad that they no longer make Berry Burst Cheerios. Not only were they tasty, but they were REALLY good for you! I guess the cereal world wasn’t big enough for Yogurt Burst AND Berry Burst Cheerios. {{sigh}}
  5. Of all the places I’ve been so far, St. John is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I’ve been to Paris, Rio, Cyprus, The Cayman Islands, Cabo, California, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada and most of the East Coast of the US. I can’t wait to go back to The Virgin Islands someday.
  6. I hate coming up with lists of random things about myself. :-P
  7. I’m not a girl who likes to clean, but I love watching the canister of my Dyson fill up with crap from my floor. I love that you can see the vacuum is *DOING* something. The carpet is getting CLEAN. I love it.
  8. I think Carrie could have been really happy with Aidan if she hadn’t fucked him over by having an affair with BIG. Eh, maybe not. She was into shoes, he was into camping. Still though, he was a good egg.
  9. I possibly invest too much energy into characters of TV shows. Obviously. (see above)
  10. I really miss my friends when I don’t get to see them often, but I’m horrible at remembering to call them. :(

Now, don’t get all excited. I know this is my THIRD post this week, but knowing me, I won’t post AGAIN for another two months!!! (heh, kidding! I hope?)

I’m not going to tag anyone for this Meme, because I don’t want y’all to hate me, but I AM gonna start a NEW one ;)


I won’t tag anyone, but we’ve had so much boobie fun here at vibeknits this week that I just wanna spread the joy :) So if you feel compelled to play, post a rack pic on YOUR blog and let me know about it! I’ll even make it a CONTEST!

YAY CONTEST! (I just thought this up just now. I think it might be my way of bribing you to participate. heh.)

Everyone that posts a rack pic will be entered in a drawing for a leetle yarnie gift from me! :) You have until next Friday, May 16th at NOON.

FUN :)

Happy weekend, y’all.

16 Responses to “MEEEEEme.”

  1. Jaimi Says:

    I’m really not sure how I feel about Big. Not sure if the sudden 6th season “hey, Carrie, I’m in love with you now so you should just drop everything and be with me, because it’s what you always wanted, right?” thing was believable…though it’s not like I liked her with Alexander or Berger either. Yeah, maybe she could have been happy with Aidan (disclamer: I could just be saying that because I’ve never met a John Corbett role I didn’t like).

  2. mai Says:

    sigh…i really liked aidan, too. carrie’s character really bugs me. her neuroses drive me batty! but i heart that show. i’ll be first in line to see the movie!

    also, this boobie meme…i (sadly) do not have much of a rack. does bare cleavage have to be involved? or can it just be an amusing picture of boobies covered up with a tee shirt?

  3. laura (knittinkitties) Says:

    wow you want pics of your girlfriends racks. nice.

    ya know…of all four of the women, carrie bugs me the most, if you can believe it or not. i’ve always thought of her as being incredibly self absorbed. shes thoughtful yes.

  4. Erin Says:

    I liked Aidan and Berger — or, rather, I liked the good looking men who played them. I’ve never really found Chris Noth to be super hot. He’s not ugly, but he just doesn’t do it for me.

    I’m more of a Steve girl.

  5. Mrs. Emily Says:

    I like how you put Nevada and Michigan in there!

  6. g.i. joanne Says:

    lol! Still upset over Aidan, huh. Am I the only one on the planet who liked Big the best? Chris Noth rules. haha :P

  7. carolyn Says:

    can i post my rack on your blog instead? i don’t need my old aunties and former college professors sending me emails about my rack. i mean they already harass me about my swearing…

  8. amy Says:

    What a riot! This post is so appropriate! I’ve lost just over 50 poiunds in the last 6 months and was out to dinner with a friend who hadn’t seen me for a while….as we got up to leave, she comments on what a “rack” I had. She hadn’t noticed before because my stomach was even with them!

    The things friends say to each other!!


  9. Phyl Says:

    Wow! Amy’s lucky. My rack seems to be leaving me now that I’m losing weight. **sigh** maybe I can find a good rack picture of someone else to post on my blog.

  10. carolyn Says:

    and ps aidan was kinda a whimp dude.

  11. Stacey Says:

    Ah well…I guess it wasn’t meant to be. I forgot about the contest till now. I was trying to find this one picture of me, but I can’t find it. And the cutoff was noon. I’m assuming your time. Oh well.

  12. Texy the Drunk Says:

    um. i had a rack pic up, am i in the contest??

  13. Texy the Drunk Says:

    and also, didn’t ANYONE post their racks? or just all talk about SitC? pfft.

  14. Cathy Says:

    I never liked New Kids either. I never got them. I just didn’t.

    Also, I obsessively check my temperature, too. I have like 3 thermometers in different places so I can always check it. To me, having a fever is the definite mark of illness.

    Too funny!

  15. laura Says:

    so who won the jug shot contest anyway! :-P

  16. Helen Says:

    I agree with you about St. John. Once you go there, you can’t go to anyplace else for a beach holiday. We just returned from our 7th trip on Friday. Next trip is in November.

    I went with hubby to Maryland Sheep and Wool. My experience was different. I shopped, he shuffled around waiting for it all to be over. I found Brooks Farm for the first time. Lovely stuff. Next time, I want to go to MS&W with you.

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