Princess Vibegrrl and the PrettyPretty Bag.

Once upon a time, there was a PrettyPretty Princess named Vibegrrl.

One sunny day in June, Princess Vibegrrl got the best present ever – a prettypretty bag named Malibu.

so pretty!

Vibegrrl loved her prettypretty Malibu more than anything. Sadly, two weeks after Vibegrrl and her bag were united, tragedy struck! The bag broke!!

my bag broke!
oh no!

Vibegrrl was so very brokenhearted. She and her lovely bag had just begun their journey! They’d barely had any time together! Sure, the bag was usuable, but still, Vibey was sad.

so sad
so sad!

As discouraged as she was, Vibegrrl knew that all hope was not lost! You see, Malibu was a magical bag!!! Malibu has a secret identity! On the outside, she looks like a regular hot bag! But really, she was designed to be a KNITTING BAG! Therefore, she is protected by the kindness of the knitters who made her!

Vibegrrl quickly crafted an email to the bag’s creators, telling them how much she loved her bag and how sad she was. Within HOURS, just as she had hoped she would, she got the following reply:

Hi Vibegrrl,

Thanks so much for your email. We’re so happy to hear you love your Namaste Bag, but are so bummed to hear it has broken!! That definitely shouldn’t happen…those darn rivets! When you have a chance, please send me your shipping address and I will email you an electronic return label. Once we receive your bag, we will repair or replace it if it is unable to be repaired. Again, I’m so sorry this has happened with your bag and thank you so much again for your super sweet email!

Namaste Inc.

Seriously, how many companies out there are like that?

YAY! :)

15 Responses to “Princess Vibegrrl and the PrettyPretty Bag.”

  1. Mary-Heather Says:

    I love the Namaste gals. They are crazy nice!!

    Their bags are awesome too – I basically abuse the ones I have (just because I’m… not a very delicate, elegant person, I guess) and they are in amazing shape. I’m so glad you will have yours back and nicely fixed!! :)

  2. ann Says:

    I love a happy ending. :)

  3. pixie Says:

    yay! Is it heavy?

  4. claudia Says:

    Nice bag and, apparently, nice people too.

  5. laura Says:

    That pic alone of you so sad is reason enough to send you a new one! hehehehe

    i’m glad they’re sending you a new bag. yay awesome fiber related companies!

  6. Amy Says:

    I’m so excited that your bag will be fixed. In the magical world of knitting… anything is possible!

  7. Carrie Says:

    Yay magical Namaste ladies! I am so glad they are fixing it for you.

  8. frecklegirl jess Says:

    They really are the sweetest! :)

    Yay Namaste!

  9. Stacey Says:

    Very cool :)

  10. Elysbeth Says:

    They really do provide great customer service. I wish more companies did.

    That grey is a lovely hue.

  11. mai Says:

    your mom is awesome for sending such a prettypretty bag. i’m so glad namaste has such great customer service. woohoo!

  12. Thanh Says:

    Namaste rocks! I’m so happy to hear they stand behind their products. Kudos to Nameste for their great customer service.

  13. a simple yarn Says:

    Followed a link via Now Norma Knits blog, to find that you’re in the DC area. Recently moved to Alexandria from Dublin and looking forward to seeing the very lovely bags at KH. Your is a stunner. Very glad for you that you can get it repaired/replaced. That’s customer service!

  14. Shaz Says:

    ur sis is happy that they were supernice to you and that you are going to get help with your bag. :) yipppeeeee! they’re very nice.

  15. nichole Says:

    Namaste rocks!

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