I’ve really topped myself this time.

What’s it been, *7* months? For serious?


I’m sorry, I really am. You would think, given the SCADS of free time I have now, that I would have been blogging like a MANIAC! So wierd. I’m barely even READING blogs anymore. I don’t really understand it either, frankly.

Anyway, you *might* be wondering what I’ve been up to (if you’re still checking, that is. You could possibly have completely forgotten about me, considering the 7 months and all…)

Well, I went to Greece. My quasi-cousin chartered a boat and 20 of us sailed around the Greek Islands. Now, while that sounds all kinds of glamorous, and while we did have a fabulous time, it was way more Pirate Adventure than Posh Yacht Voyage. I spent the entire first day puking over the rails!

The Aegeotissa

Also? We totally got stranded at sea. For two days.


At Sea.

When the Rescue Boat came, we literally had to jump from one boat to the other (after throwing our luggage over to the other boat.) There were other adventures too, like when the on-board chef badly sprained his leg two days in and had to bail on us. We got a new chef a day or two later, but in the meantime, the captain cooked us spaghetti. IN GREECE. LOL. OH! And one of the lower cabins flooded! AND! I broke my toe on the last day. ON LAND (ironic, no?) BUT! Really, it was a nice trip :)

See? Nice!

One of my favorite pics from Santorini

Since then, I have:

  • Gotten a new laptop (funded by crap I sold on ebay for mad cash!).
  • Moved to NY.
  • Taken Hayley to the vet approximately 10 times (she’s fine now).
  • Been to 2 funerals and 2 weddings.
  • Taken 3 weekend road trips (including MDS$W!).
  • Designed one portfolio website.
  • Bought my car (which I was previously leasing).
  • Missed You.
  • Gotten addicted to Facebook.
  • Applied for hundreds and millions of jobs.
  • Gotten 2 interviews.
  • Cried over my application to interview ratio.

I have also pissed off the City of New York with my failure to keep up with alternate side of the street parking regulations.

The Scarlet Letter Sticker of SHAME.

Unemployment has been tough, but I’ve been hanging in there. This has helped greatly:

three fingers neat.

I would like to thank Adam for keeping the whiskey stocked in the house and Ebony for passing on that three fingers neat will cure anything that ails you. Although, I will tell you that right after taking the picture above, I accidentally kicked the whiskey INTO the tub. Bathing in it does not have the same effect as drinking it. FYI.

Besides that, I’ve just been spending a lot of time with these guys:

Rock Stars. All of them.

So far, I’ve been shuttling between my mom’s house on LI (where I officially live and mooch) and Adam’s in the Bronx (where I UNOFFICIALLY live and mooch). However, in about a month and a half, I will be officially be MOVING IN WITH ADAM :) After nearly three years, I finally broke him down. :-P

So hey, it’s not all bad, right? ;)

18 Responses to “Uh…hello?”

  1. Mrs. Emily Says:

    Yay post. Yay moving in with Adam!

  2. Cara Says:

    WOW! Time flies! I can’t believe you guys have been together for three years. That’s great!

    And hey – now that you’re in NYC we should hang out. That is if you don’t mind a baby tagging along….

  3. Jenn Says:

    It’s so nice to see your post! I’ve missed them and you! Bless Google Reader for keeping tabs on you.

  4. Stacey Says:

    So glad to see you back! Although, no worries…I’m not counting on you sticking around and making this a regular habit ;) Love the pic of you in Greece.

    And I hate to ask, and probably already know the answer….so has there been any knitting?!

  5. Lindsay Says:

    Despite all the mishaps, I’m still so uber jealous of your trip! I was so happy to see a new post on here. I used to read your blog all the time and have missed it. Very exciting to see a new one pop up on my Ravelry list.

  6. carolyn Says:

    YAY for moving in. BOO for no job yet. BUT SOON I HOPE. missed ya, girlie.

  7. J Strizzy Says:

    yay! moving in! officially!

  8. mai Says:

    damn, you’ve been busy! i’m so jealous of your greece trip. we’ve missed you, too!!! keep in better touch, k? :)

  9. Mo Says:

    Yay! Nice to hear from you Lara! Hope you land a job very soon. :)

  10. madalyn Says:

    Welcome back to blogging! Keeping my fingers crossed that you find a job soon!

  11. Ebony Says:

    yay! i love the new portfolio site…make me one? j/k

    and about the pics of you on the boat… :)



  12. Carrie Says:

    The portfolio looks amazing, girlie. I am totally impressed. and yay for moving in with Adam! wooot! I miss you!

  13. dani Says:

    I haven’t forgotten about you, I swear! Keep plugging away at that pesky job search – someone has got to snap you up soon. Soooo jealous about your trip to Greece, broken toe and all.

  14. sarah b. Says:

    Oh, yay! It’s about time! And it’s been three years? Seriously??? Wowser, time flies.

  15. Anne Marie Says:

    It’s about time you moved in together….sheesh! And thanks so much for posting a picture of the boys!

  16. Sarah Says:

    Hey girlie! Good to hear from you (I’m one to talk).
    Going to MDS$W 2009? We’re thinking about it…

  17. Sarah S Says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a little while now and it’s good to see you back! You’ve had a lot o’ stuff going on! Greece looks fabulous, the story of your trip, not as fabulous, but definitely memorable. Your portfolio rocks! Maybe it rocks so much that places are afraid they can’t offer you enough money to hire you. :oS What a double-edge sword. Good luck!

  18. Norma Says:

    Oh, so good to hear from you. What a wacky pirate adventure you had. SCARY, no???

    And yes, it’s about time. ;)

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