Pictures say a thousand words.

Ch-ch-ch-check it ouuuuuut! TWO IN ONE WEEK!

I figured that I really need to try and keep this thing going. It’s sad to look at my archive list and see it jump from JULY 2008 to FEBRUARY 2009! While nothing is going on right. this. second! We still have some catching up to do!!

Here are some more pictures from Greece:

Santorini. Those windmills are amazing!

Santorini. The Caldera.

Santorini must have been the prettiest island, since I seem to have the most pictures from there ;)


I’ll admit, not much knitting was done in Greece. On the beach there was too much sand and sunscreen for my taste and on the boat, well…for a girl who spent the first day at sea hurling her digested lunch over the side of the ship, knitting wasn’t really a recommended activity. It kinda had that reading-in-the-car effect. Times 10.

That little scrap of knitting in the picture grew up to be the right front of my Central Park Hoodie. You remember CPH, no? Oh, yeah, maybe not since I started it back in September of *2007*!! Yeah, I don’t blame you for forgetting. What can I say? I’m an easily distracted knitter with a currently low knitting mojo. Last year the main distraction was Christmas and baby knitting. This year, so far, it’s been a little bit of Christmas and a lot of holy-fuck-it’s-cold! knitting.

Malabrigo Hat

Malabrigo Mittens

These were both made with 2 hanks of Malabrigo Worsted in Applewood. There is also a Clapotis scarf to match, but I apparently never took a picture of it. It came out a little short for my taste (14 straight sections), but functionally, it does the job. Plus, I’m really impressed that I got the whole set out of just 2 hanks! WOOT! The hat is a combination of the kittyville hat and my bananahead baby beanie. The mittens I made up on the fly. They mostly came out alright, but if I ever knit another pair, I would make a few changes, for sure.

Between those three and another clapotis scarf for a friend (24 straight sections. PERFECT!), CPH has seen little action. However, she has not been forgotten. All the pieces have been knit and are ready to be sewn up (except for the right front, which WAS finished until I realized I’d f’ed it up and now I have to reknit the armhole. no biggie). I am optimistic that it will be done for next fall ;)

More random pics! These are from a wedding Adam and I went to in East Hampton:

Yes we belong in the Hamptons. Why do you ask?

Adam and Gianmaria. Don’t ask. I have no idea.

These are from when Adam, the boys and I went to the Big Apple Circus:

I swear they had a better time than they seem to have had from this picture.*

Adam IN the circus!

Adam got picked to be IN the circus. They selected a member of the audience to compete in a dance contest with “grandma” and Adam was chosen! HE ROCKED IT!! LOL. He had to do the Robot (pictured), Lord of the Dance, and Disco! He was kick-ass! The audience loved him!! For his grand efforts, he was the proud winner of a box of popcorn (which Elias stole and housed immediately.) Hee!

Lastly, in the name of Valentine’s Day, I leave you with this:

Butterfly Sex.

Have a good one! :-P

ps – Happy Anniversary to my Momma! She and my dad would have been married 44 years today. (or 45? 43? Whichever. I think it’s 44.)

*Well, Emile *appeared* to enjoy it. He was smiling and on the edge of his seat for a good portion of it, especially when the train came out and all of the doggies jumped out of it. However, if you ask Emile if he liked the circus, he will say, “NNNO! It’s too FUNNY!”

11 Responses to “Pictures say a thousand words.”

  1. claudia Says:

    Its great to hear from you! Sending my best good-job-finding karma to you.

  2. Carrie Says:

    IT’s TOO FUNNY! that is so hilarious. and Adam looks so adorable out there in the circus, I’m sure he rocked it. Aren’t you loving all the childhood pics that AM is posting? Adam looks like such a badass in all of them!

  3. mai Says:

    dude. two posts in one week? what’s going on? haha. please tell me more about your trip to greece! i want to go so badly. how long did you go and which islands did you visit? etc. THANK YOU :)

  4. Lindsay Says:

    I have a HUGE fear of being picked out of the crowd every time I go to the circus. My sisters company owns the property where Cirque du Soleil used to set up camp in NoVA and we’d get to go to the VIP premiere. Each time she’d taunt me with threats that she had pre-arranged my capture by the clowns. Ughh. Clowns. Those kids are seriously adorable.

  5. laura Says:

    oh mah gawd those pics are awesome. santorini is definitely on my bucket list!

    holy shit are adam’s little guys adorable!!!

  6. Jenn Says:

    You DEFINITELY belong in the Hamptons – that dress is fabulous. The mittens are beautiful, too!

  7. the Lady Says:

    Ew, I didn’t know butterflies mated. They never told us about that part in second grade…

  8. Stacey Says:

    Love the Malabrigo hat. Cute take on the patterns.

    And the circus scares me. Eek. Clowns? *shudders*

  9. sarah b. Says:

    You guys are the stinkin’ cutest couple…and of course the kids are adorable, per usual! Glad you’re back around!

  10. Anne Marie Says:

    Your Malabrigo set is GORGEOUS! And of course you belong in the Hamptons darling. I go to the Hampton inn all the time, in fact. The free breakfast is fabulous.

  11. carolyn Says:

    dude. wow. greece was beautiful. glad to see you blogging again, you Hamptonite, you.

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