My bi-annual update.

Because apparently, that’s what it’s become.

Ok, lessee. What’s been going on since APRIL?

  • Adam and I moved in together. 6 months later, neither of us have moved out, so I guess all is well in that department. :)
  • I got ANOTHER new job. I switched radio stations and am now doing weekends at 92.3 NOW in NYC. WOOT! #1 radio market in the country, baby!

I thought that would be a longer list, but as it turns out, that’s all I’ve been up to. Considering I’m working 7-days a week (for the most part), I guess that’s all I have time for. That would, I suppose, explain why my knitting rut has turned into simply NO. KNITTING.


The only thing I’ve managed to knit in 6 months is this:

Hayes in Bananahead Beanie
The hat, not the baby.

Being my quasi-nephew, I had big knitty plans for little Hayes. First, he was going to get a lovely blanket made out of some lovely Brooks Farms’ superwash wool I bought at Rhinebeck last year. THEN, because it turned out that the pattern I wanted to use was stuck in storage, I decided to make him a sweater instead! HOWEVER, the sweater wasn’t done by the time he was born and, being that it is the TINIEST SWEATER EVER, he outgrew it long before I had a chance to complete it SO! A Bananahead Beanie was all he got. :-\ At this rate, the next niece/nephew is gonna get a bootie. As in ONE. BOOTIE. Sad.

(Note to all my friends and loved ones who just had babies (and there are many) – In my mind, you were all going to get a pile of knitted goodness, but I can’t seem to get my ass to knit anything! I’m working on it though, and some small nuggets of knitty love may still make it to you. :) If you haven’t YET had your baby, you might fare better, since I have time and all. But then again, that’s what I thought about the current set, and look what happened! Just know I still love you all, even if I never knit anything, ok? xoxo)

Hayes didn’t seem to mind though. He rocked the hat.

In the meantime, the weather is getting colder and inspiration is slowly coming back (maybe? I hope?). Elias found Adam’s old knitted stocking that (I think?) Nanny made and has since requested that WE have knitted stockings too! Never one to want to disappoint small children who make knitted requests, I purchased these:

Stocking Kits
Stocking Knits from Annie’s Woolens!

I bought four kits (Snowman, Evergreen, Moose and Holly) but my goal is to have at least TWO done for Christmas (for the boys). If I get all four done, even better. I’m a little wary though, because I haaaate knitting under deadline AND I’ve never done Fair Isle before. :-O Plus, there are only 48 days until CHRISTMAS*! THE PRESSURE!

As for the Fair Isle though, so far, so good. I’m knitting with both yarns in my right hand. I tried one in each, but having never knitted continental, I had a lot of trouble. Then, by magic, I just sort of fell into a rhythm with the two in my right, so right it is!

Progress on my Snowman Stocking
The Snowman Stocking

I’ve only done two 2-color rows so far though, so we’ll have to see how it goes.

Originally, I had intended my first fair isle project to be the Endpaper Mitts. My mom bought me 2 sets of addi turbos in both 0s and 1s (I think) and I bought some really nice yarn to make them. ONLY NOW I CAN’T FIND ANY OF IT! LOST! That’s over $40 worth of needles, people! That I had gotten as a gift! BOO HISS! It must have gotten lost in the move :( I hate moving.

Anyway, that is all from here. I’m excited about these stockings, so hopefully that means I can pull myself up out of my rut, get back in the habit and be able to call myself a real knitter again! LOL.

Much love and hopefully, I will blog again (real) soon!

PS – I won’t be at Rhinebeck this year :( That’s two festivals in a ROW I’ve missed! Maybe Maryland? Fingers crossed that the stars align…

*PPS – Right, ok, so, HAI! I am an idiot! Iin my panic, I may have possibly forgotten to count the ENTIRE MONTH OF NOVEMBER. Please relax, friends. I didn’t meant to alarm anyone. There are actually *79* days left until Christmas. Carry on. (Thanks Amy!)

6 Responses to “My bi-annual update.”

  1. mai Says:

    aww bummer you won’t be at rhinebeck :( that was going to be my first question! anyway, glad to hear things are going well over there for you! :) where’d you get the stocking patterns? i have a cousin who’s having a baby and she requested a christmas stocking for the little one! i’ve been on the hunt for a cute pattern. is that a kit or just a pattern?

  2. mai Says:

    jk, i just saw your link to annie’s woolens :) thanks!

  3. Amy Says:

    I’m not sure what calendar you’re going by (and why do you want to give me a heart attack?) but there are 79 days until Christmas. That’s 31 whole EXTRA days that you didn’t think you had! Now… time until you decorate for Christmas could vary, but the actual day itself – 79 days away.

  4. Jenn Says:

    So happy to see your update and to know that things are going so great for you! :)

  5. Stacey Says:

    Dude…while everyone else was scared at the thought of only 48 days, I got super excited. Until I saw that was a mistake. Damn. I heart Christmas.

    Going to go look and see if that station streams online….

  6. Hayes Says:

    i love my hat auntie lara!!!!

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