presents, new friends, and bloggy games!

I’m thinking I may have to drop out of blogland if I don’t pick up the pace around here! No one will read my little bloggy here if I don’t POST! (is there anyone reading?)

THIS is a SUPER sweet present that Chelsea gave me for my birthday!

It’s a little Chococat bag to carry around small knitty projects, two handmade stitch markers, a Chococat patch (in case the little bag is too small and I wanna make a BIGGER Chococat knitty bag), two balls of Gedifra Micro Chic and a cuuuuuuuuuuute kitty card!! Chelsea ROCKS :)

I will have to admit that not much knitting has gone on lately in vibeland…although this past week I DID go to the Montgomery County meetup and got to make NEW KNITTY FRIENDS!!!


You can ‘meet’ them too by going here and here!

All I’ve been working on is the twin to my little socklette and making more iPod cozis. I made one in PINK for myself and now I’m going to make another as a gift. I also swatched for the bikini in Debbie Stoller’s Stitch n’ Bitch book. I’m using Cascade Fixation instead of Classic Elite Star (not down with the Boucle) and I’m going to make up my own stripey pattern I think, instead of the intarsia. The idea is to finish it before my upcoming TRIP TO MEXICO!!! aww yeah!

I’m jsut a vacationing FOOL apparently, as I just got back from a long weekend visiting the boy in Los Angeles!! OO! AND! I had a CELEBRITY SIGHTING! heh. natch. For fun, I’ll give you three clues as to who it is and let you guess!:

  • She’s pretty much a ‘D’ list celeb these days
  • She was on a popular TV show
  • She’s sooorta kiiiinda connected to Paris Hilton. sorta. indirectly.

GAMES! FUN! I’d say that the first to guess right will win a prize, but I’m not that advanced a blogger yet ;) too laaaaazy. hee.


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