Hi. We’re the Vibefam!

My dead cat killed my blog.

No, seriously.

Apparently, I was so overcome by the loss of my cat, I completely abandoned this blog for nearly FIVE YEARS. 4.5 if you want to get technical.

Ok, so that’s not really what happened, but by the looks of this blog, it was totally the cat. I loved Hayley, but LORD what a depressing note to close on, no?!

So much has happened since I up and deserted this place!

First, this:

His name *was* Isabella until we figured out HE wasn’t a SHE (took about 4 days and the help of Google Images). Now his name is Béla Lugosi. No one actually calls him that though. He most commonly goes by Chumpy. He’s a Tonkinese, like Hayley, and is actually her Grand-Nephew!

Then, this happened:

Which led to this:

Which DIRECTLY led to this:

Ms. Zuzu Anne-Marie, named after the aunt without whom she never would have existed. After all, if there was no Anne-Marie, there would never have been an Adam & Lara. <3

What can I say? We move fast. Also, I think we were in denial.

It was our HONEYMOON!

What are the chances?!

(Pretty good, apparently.)

Anyway, fast-forward 2 and a half years:

And here we are. All caught up.





How have you been?

(I’ve missed you.)

6 Responses to “Hi. We’re the Vibefam!”

  1. claudia Says:

    AWESOME! Now, no teasing us. You actually have to post now. ;-)

  2. Vicki Says:

    OMG I was so excited to see you pop up in my feedreader! The wedding pictures are stunning, and she is just so precious! So many !!’s
    Man, I remember when i first found your blog back in like ’05. Crazy how much life has changed :)

  3. Jenny Says:

    Welcome back, Vibey! When I saw that you had a post in my feedly, I figured your blog got hacked or something. Haha. Congrats on the wedding and the mini-vibe! :)

  4. Joanna Says:

    Hooray you’re back! Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks :)

  5. Sharon Says:

    Soooo glad Vibey is back!!!!!!!!

  6. Lorette Says:

    Hey! You’re back! Life is good! Your little family is gorgeous.

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