Ahhh… love SWEET love… {{puke}}

Hi, my name is Lara, and I am a Dumpee.

I’ve been single 4 days.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? I KNOW YOU SAW IT COMING!!! If I say it’s for good this time, would you believe me? Yeah, if I were you, I wouldn’t either, but I SWEAR IT. Really. REALLY

For those of you feeling out-of-the-loop, YES, IT’S THE SAME GUY


I’m doing ok. The first two days were *awful*, but I guess all these beatings I’ve taken from the same relationship have numbed me a little. It only gets to me when the world stops and gets quiet for a second. Like maybe now, when all I can hear is the clicking of my keyboard and the voice in my head, reminding me how the one thing I treasured most is gone. I’ll be ok though.

BUT HEY! ENOUGH OF THAT! I’ve got other things to show you!!!!

MEXICO! This is me and my cousin parasailing. HOW COOL IS THAT!?!

This is me and two of my favorite people: my baby niece and my big brother. We did a lot of chillin’ in da pool…(please don’t remind me that I’m sitting in a baby pool, I’ve tried to block that and the contents of it’s water out)

This was the amazing sunset view from one of our suite balconies (there were 23 of us on this trip, so we had three suites!)

Now of COURSE, it seems a shame to go to a tropical beach in Mexico and not get some play! However, aside from getting hit on by our Mexican waiter while I was wearing my “My boyfriend is out of town” T-shirt, the only action I managed to get was from this guy:

I pretty much french kissed this iguana. SERIOUSLY. I put my lips up to his cause I thought it would be a cute photo-op, but then the little shit slipped me the tongue!

This is the view from the plane on my way home :( doesn’t it just look like the END OF THE WORLD?!!?

There was soooo much to this trip, it would take me FOREVER to fill you in, so those are some fun highlights. Actually, it’s not even the tip of the iceberg on the highlights, but most of the pics I have are *quite* incriminating, so to protect the {{cough}} *innocent* {{cough}}, I can’t show them to you.

What I CAN show you though, is KNITTING! (thought I haven’t been doing any, huh?)

Here’s the ‘Umbilical Cord Hat’ from SnB (modeled by the lovely Emily) that I made for a friend’s baby that was born about 2 weeks ago. I have to mail it, but I wanna wash it first to make it a little softer (and, of course, to remove all evidence of ‘cat’). I made it from Lion Brand Jiffy that I had in my stash and it came out a bit STIFF.

And here is the beginnings of a Very Harlot Poncho! Unkowingly, I think I picked out the SAME EXACT color Stephanie used! Only I’m going to add black to the bottom, partially because I think it will look cool and partially because they didn’t have enough of the other color ;) hee.

OH OH OH! and before I forget:

Look at the lovely gift I got from my secret pal!! She sent me 2!! skeins of Kureyon to make a Sophie Bag (’cause she knew I wanted to try felting), a fun butterfly bookmark, and a lovely little note :) THANKS SECRET PAL!! :) :) :) (I already had the cat)

I guess that’s all for now.

Thank you Holly and Sarah for the sweet words. They were much appreciated. :)

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