Rhinebeck 2014 (she wore it after all.)

Zuzu’s Chromatic Cardigan makes her look a little bit like a fluffy linebacker. When she first tried it on she was so excited to make Mama happy, that I had to suppress the look of horror my face was dying to make. Reluctantly, I brought the sweater to Rhinebeck anyway. I luckily had another sweater on-hand for her – a hand-me-down handknit that I’d made for her cousin Ashley 9(!!!) years ago.

This is us when we first got to Rhinebeck:

The thing is, Saturday morning ended up being WAY colder (and wetter) than the Weather Channel led us to believe it would be (what else is new!?). So, I broke out some more handknits.

That girlie is wearing a handknit hat, a mini clapotis, and *T W O* Handknit Sweaters.

As it turns out, all that bulk underneath makes the Chromatic Cardigan looks really cute on her! I suspect that in a year or two, it will lose it’s unsightly linebacker qualities and fit her juuuust right! She got a ton of compliments too :) (it’s the classic knitwear model effect – the cuteness of the model totally hiding the hideousness of the actual knitwear).

This weekend was a total blast! It was the perfect blend of knitterly goodness and mama/daughter bonding time. Taking Zuzu with me definitely changed how I experienced the festival – toddlers and packed barns are not an ideal combo – but it also enriched it sooo much (and probably saved me a ton of $$$).

We played in the leaves.

We saw cute animals (including this llama I kept calling an alpaca because I am braindamaged).

We got another balloon sword.

We ate lots and lots of rainbow kettle corn (each color is a different! flavor!)

We danced to super-loud panflute music with these crazy lunatics.

And since Zu wanted to party Friday night ’til the breaka-breaka-dawn (“I’m gonna stay up allll the time!”), there was even an hour and a half of stroller naptime where Mama got to shop a bit.

(Any guesses what my plans for this yarn might be?!?)

It’s 920 yards worth of Briar Rose Sonoma in lovely greens and browns – my only purchase this year (I’m actually pretty proud of myself, as it was one of the (just two!) things I had on my shopping list!!)

Best of all, we got to stay with some pretty awesome peeps (whom I am sadly lacking pictures of). Everyone knows that what makes Rhinebeck (and any fiber festival) so incredibly amazing are the people you share it with. I feel really really lucky that friendships we made so many years ago still endure today and that we can still enjoy these festivals together :)

All of us old-school knitbloggers, hangin’ at the house. (Mayarn, Big Lug Jen, Carrieoke, One Stitch Short, Frecklegirl and Vibeknits. And Zuzu, who insisted on being in the picture.)

That’s the only picture I have. It’s missing Casey and Mary-Heather and newer friends Christina and Cathy and Erica. It’s also missing all the cutie babies – Eva and Ollie and wee baby Auggie. Next year I need to be more aggressive with the picture taking. For reals.

Adam and I had a wedding Sunday, so Zu and I had to leave Rhinebeck Saturday night after dinner :( I spent all of Sunday morning stalking the #Rhinebeck hashtag on Instagram, all sad and pathetic. Next year, I guess.

T-Minus what? 364 days?

I’ll be counting.

4 Responses to “Rhinebeck 2014 (she wore it after all.)”

  1. claudia Says:

    Your daughter is the cutest, except maybe for you. I’m very sad to have missed Rhinebeck this year, but am looking forward to next year.

  2. Chelsea Says:

    Ugggghh. We had so much fun (nearly TEN YEARS AGO WTH). Except I maybe snored. I’m sorry I missed it, and I’m especially sorry I miss you & Zuzu. T-minus 364 days!

  3. Cara Says:

    Very nice bloggin! Zuzu is beyond adorable! I miss you! Glad you had a wonderful Rhinebeck. Next year come on Sunday!!

  4. Eby Says:

    Yayyyy! You’re back!!!!!

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