Here comes the Bridesmaid

Before I tell you about the WEDDING, which had (mostly) nothing to do with knitting, let me catch you up on my knitting progress (cause, I have been knitting, really I have)

I finally came to the conclusion that the socklette *must* be finished, so I bought different boring white yarn and pressed on. It’s *not quite* the same gauge, and it’s 100% cotton, so it’s missing the shiny flecks of flair the rayon gave it, but THE SOCKLETTE WILL BE FINISHED! I’m up to the heel, so I will probably finish it tonight or tomorrow.

I’ve also been plugging away at my Kittyville hat! However, keeping in the vein of boring and plain, it’s just lookin’ right now like a black hat and pictures of boring, plain, black hats aren’t very interesting (being in the very *nature* of boring and plain things not to be interesting), therefore there are no pics of said boring and plain and uninteresting black hat. I have just reached the part where I begin the decreases, and after that there’s just kitty ears and earflaps, so the end is in sight!

If you’ve noticed, that isn’t much knitting. That’s because I’ve been WAAAAY TOOO BUSY with wedding stuff to knit! AND, as I’ve been babbling endlessly on this thing about the wedding, I’m sure you probably want to see PICTURES!

(side note: The bride wanted us at her house at 11am, and even though the ceremony didn’t start until 3:30, for SOME reason, I didn’t think there would be any down time! SO I DIDN’T BRING ANY KNITTING!!! So how proud and excited was *I*, when one of the other bridesmaids pulled out some needles and yarn and asked if I would please, teach [her] how to purl!!!!!! proof can be found below!)

erin knits
She knew how to knit, but I’ve helped inspire her to go beyond garter scarfs!!! :) :) I think a Harlot Poncho may be in her near furture!!

Oh, but THEN! BUT THEN!! My shining moment of knitty glory! Check it out:

ebony knits

Ebony has NEVER expressed ANY interest in knitting. She humors me when I talk about it, she even once patiently sat in a yarn store waiting while I shopped, but she has never, NEVER showed even a GLEAM of interest in touching the needles. She even occasionally mocks me (despite the fact she builds JIGSAW PUZZLES with her mom! uh oh girl, I OUTED YOU!) But after I showed Erin how to purl, and after Seema (no, not THAT one, a different Seema) saw us and caught the bug and asked me to show her to cast on, EBONY ACTUALLY ASKED ME TO TEACH HER! :) Dude, THREE in one DAY!!!! Soon, soon we will take over….mwhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…ha..ha {{cough}}


Where was I? Oh! The wedding!!

silly girls
Here is the four of us in our prettypretty dresses*!!

All four of our dress were different. Sadly, I don’t have a really good picture of my dress or my makeup.

ebony and seema
My dress was cut just like Ebony’s (on the right), except I had a lighter pink sash around my waist instead the lighter pink layer at the bottom. And I didn’t have a flower. Don’t these two girls look *so* pretty?

The *best* pic I have of my dress (HA!) is THIS goofy one:

thank you
Eby and I got silly with the signs the bride and groom made for their thank you cards!

We had an AMAZING time! Everything about the wedding was perfect! It has to be one of the BEST weddings I’ve ever been to! The music was great, The food was FABULOUS, the location was BEAUTIFUL — they got married at this super cute little church in Alexandria, VA** and the reception was at the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, VA (BEAUTIFUL!!!) After the reception we all stayed over at the hotel with the Bride and the Groom (who naturally ended up DITCHING US for ‘alone time’ — code word for BOOOTAAAY!).

I can’t tell you about most of what happened at the hotel, because, well… uh… some of it may be interpreted as well… um… illegal, BUT I can show you THIS:

The Fort!
We made a FORT!!!!!! hee!!

Ebony, Seema, Mike Q and I took the spooge covers off the bed and turned them into a fort! Then we all got inside and told ghost stories until Mike fell asleep. We thought about writing on him with lipstick, but he’d always wake up enough to hear us conspiring against him!!!! PLUS, the lipstick was OUTSIDE the fort, so….

Anyway, I’m soooo happy for Cindy and Jason!!! They are a great couple and two amazing friends!!!

the happy couple
Congratulations guys!!!

* As cute as these dresses are, DO NOT CONSIDER BUYING THEM! The designer and her boutiques do NOT practice good business!!! (Here is the website:
Saeyoung Vu.) We ordered these dresses (which cost a FORTUNE) in FEBRUARY and were promised delivery in 10-12 weeks. *17* weeks later, the didn’t have a delivery date. THEN, they told us that the dresses would be delivered around 2 weeks before the wedding (already a month late, the were saying it would be ANOTHER two months). Not two days later, they told us the dresses were available for pickup!! WTF?!?! The only compensation they offered was free alterations, but according to the Knot, their seamstress is REALLY bad and she messed up another bride’s dresses! Plus, they didn’t even leave enough fabric to TAKE OUT the dresses!!! Erin’s was too small, and she had to learn new ways to BREATHE in order to wear hers! They had made us pay in FULL when we ordered, so we had no recourse!!! Not to MENTION that the QUALITY of the dresses is FAR under par with the PRICE they charged for them! DO NOT GO THERE! BAD BAD BAD! It’s funny because they were sooooo nice and accomodating and helpful BEFORE they got our checks…

** HOW MUCH did it kill me to be BLOCKS away from Knit Happens all weekend and not be able to GO?!!?!?!

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