Manic Mondays

I am cranky as all hell today. I’m not really sure why. Let’s assess the possible reasons, shall we?

  1. My jeans feel *mighty* tight around my thighs today. They may have shrunk in the wash. Then again, they may not have.
  2. My college roomate is pregnant. And my other college roomate is going off the pill so she can *get* pregnant. Oh, and her friend?Three months pregnant. It’s not that I want a baby, but do you ever get the sense that life is moving forward full speed and you’re sooooo left behind? (by the way, I’m soo crazy excited for all three of these girls. I think it’s awesome that they’re going to have babies!)
  3. It’s Monday. I’m at work. Mondays are rarely days of joy and celebration.
  4. I’m knitting a k4p2 ribbed scarf on US7s and it’s TEDIOUS.
  5. I’m at work. It’s Monday. Shoot me.
  6. My cat can’t stand to be away from me for any amount of time AT ALL! And by ‘away from me’ I mean ‘not sitting/lying/licking onesself ON TOP OF ME’ . Spend an entire day at home with her, never leaving the apartment, and see how annoyed YOU are the next day.
  7. I have the Sealab 2021 theme song stuck in my head.
  8. Monday. Work. pfffth!
  9. I made the mistake of asking my friends who they’re voting for. Then I made the mistake AGAIN with a different friend, only to get irritated in a totally different manner. (note to self: you don’t wanna know. don’t ask.)
  10. Mondaaaay. Woooork. Kiiiiilll.

My weekend was pretty chill. This was the first weekend in an AMAZINGLY LONG TIME where I had Friday night through Sunday OFF! YAAAY! A REAL WEEKEND!!!!

I got to catch up on some house stuff (laundry, bill-paying, bathroom cleaning, dish-washing, vacuuming, etc) Friday night and Saturday morning, so that was cool ( some may say that’s pretty LAME, as I am a twenty-something single girl and should have been OUT Friday night, but if you’re one of those people all I have to say about that is ‘screw you, I was tired.’ ;) Did I mention I’m cranky today?)

Saturday, I finally ventured down to the lovely Knit Happens so I could cash in my gift certificate and finally meet sweet Holly in person!!! She was just as nice in person as she is on her blog and in the comments :) I think *I* may have been acting a bit shy and quiet though, but I get that way sometimes around new people. Everyone was very nice though, especially Erika and Carol, who I also got to meet!! While I was there, I picked up a few goodies and I’ll be sure to take some pics and post about them soon :)

Saturday night I hung out with the honeymooners. We went down to Dupont, met up with Mike and had some tasty Thai food at a place called “Bua”. Then we picked up Ebony and went to “Wonderland” in Columbia Heights. This place is *exactly* like a college house party (at least the ones I went to). There was beer, a DJ playing cool beats, and a whole lotta people crammed in a small space. It was all very laid back. Pretty cool, actually. To cap the night, we got some schnacks at the “DC Grill” (I think?), where some woman got upset that Ebony wasn’t interested in learning the language of her ‘people’.

Sunday was my day of sloth. An ENTIRE DAY spent in my jammies, in the confines of my little apartment. This day of nothingness can be summed up with one kittyville hat, 2 Julia Roberts movies, 1 annoying cat, 3 hours of Sex in The City Season 4, 1 pot of homemade soup, 1 dishwasher load, and a whole pile of folded laundry. I’ll have pictures of the hat in my next entry, but you can get a preview of it on the Knit Happens Blog.

And now it’s Monday. And I’m at work. And cranky. As all hell.

ps – while I can see why someone would search for ‘vagina’ and I do occasionally get a search for ‘vibeknits’, I’m really not sure why anyone out there would be searching for ‘vibeknits vagina’

6 Responses to “Manic Mondays”

  1. froggy Says:

    sounds like a great weekend. can’t go wrong with r&r and then you through dupont and kh in the mix and you’ve got a winner. and ugh, glad monday is over.

  2. Shaz Says:

    Heh, try being almost 35 and friends are having babies, getting married, etc etc. You are just at the starting gate to me. :(

  3. Christina Says:

    I know exactly what you mean about life going full speed ahead without you sometimes. I felt it most when my younger brother had his first kid. I always figured as the eldest of the two of us I’d be first. Just a weird feeling!

  4. Chromatest Says:

    Seriously… I told her I don’t talk about voting, but I swear, she pushed me into it! Lara is so cute though, that the world can’t be blamed for caving in to her wishes… :)

  5. frecklegirl Says:

    Ouch! Tough Monday.

    Hope your tuesday is better!

  6. Erika Says:

    Why is it that when the last thing one wants to think about is one’s ability to procreate (regardless of whether one eventually wants to or not), pregnant people, people with babies, people with small children fly out of the woodwork and into your face?

    Sorry, can you tell this is a personal issue? ;)

    Great to meet you this weekend. I seriously thought the kittyville hat was for baby/child. My bad. You weren’t at all shy. Come and hang out with us more!