You know when you’re soooooo tired that your eyes burn? And even though they’re burning, for some reason you stop blinking? Yeah, you know what I mean — when you stop blinking and you start staring aimlessly into space?

So, you’re staring out into space and your burning eyes are glazing over and you start to listen to yourself breathing in and out and in and out andinandout and you’re thinking to yourself, “Damn, I’m tired.”

You start to fantasize about sleeping…about crawling into the soft, comforting coziness that is your bed and mushing your face into the glory of your favorite pillow…

God, I love that pillow.

mmmmm. piiiilllloooow.

Oh GLORY! I get off work in exactly 5 minutes and 19 seconds!!!!

How much do you wanna bet though, that when I go home, I’ll do THIS instead?

2 Responses to “Tired.”

  1. froggy Says:

    you are too funny! there are so many times i have chosen knit over sleep, lol. good to know i’m not alone.

  2. Audrey Says:

    I wore my hallowig to work today (orange with a black outfit and a crocheted orange sash…) and my boss said that my head looks like a lego person! Damn! I wish I had thought of dressing as a lego girl, but I thought you could use it if you don’t like yarn fairy. But yarn fairy is cute too!