So, like uh…

It’s Friday again, and uh…

I suck.

LAST Friday, I promised drunken silliness and cute babies and shit and I TOTALLY didn’t deliver.

I’m soo behind on my blogging. There’s so much to catch you up on!!! The Babies! The Ponchos! The Babies That Refused to Wear the Ponchos! Needles the size of BROOMSTICKS! MEETUP! And of course, what is soon to be the Great Green Sweater Experiment (or the Great Green Sweater Disaster, which I’m more inclined to believe it will be at this point)

There was, however, no drunken sillyness last weekend, due to a familial ban on alcohol. BUT! I fully plan to make up for it THIS WEEKEND with GIRLIE NIGHT!

ALL GIRLS! NO BOYS! (Well, none that we know. Strange boys welcome :) )

I’ll try to catch up a bit with some pics and fun this weekend, but I will be sure to have a proper update for you on Monday as well!! In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this:

My favoritest little person in the world, me and my mom

Have a great weekend!!!
(I promise to be a better blogger next week ;) )

PS – Would it be evil of me to point this out? 60%!!! $1.80 a ball!!! MwahahahahaHAHAHAHAHA! {{cough}} Sorry.

PPS – When you guys told me to delete him, you forgot to tell me to BLOCK him!

4 Responses to “SLACKER”

  1. Holly Says:

    I love the pic! :) All right, I forgive you for slacking on the drunken reports but you have to make up for it this weekend! Hee-hee! I’m living vicariously through you damnit! lol! (P.S. that bastard isn’t trying to contact you is he? I will so kick his ass… Block him. NOW. Love ya!)

  2. Rossana Says:

    BLOCK him! Do it NOW! I’ll hold his head down with my stiletto while KnitGirl kicks his behind! And you really are the incarnation of EVIL–I’ve tried, successfully so far, to avoid tormenting myself with that great elann sale! Have a fab weekend!

  3. vibegrrl Says:

    Now, now, be nice. He’s not a bastard. He’s a nice boy. We just didn’t work out, and we both need to MOVE. ON.

  4. carolyn Says:

    very cute little one sitting next to ya there…