FOs and WIPs

I promised myself that today I would clean my entire apartment head-to-toe!! While I *have* started the laundry and put all the dishes in the dishwasher, I’d hardly call this place clean. :-\

Instead, I’ve decided to procrastinate and hook you up with a bit of a slide show from last weekend:

This is what I worked on on the plane. It’s the first of my bittersweet socks.One of the flight attendants was really into it. I think it may have even inspired her to move beyond scarves!!

At our Diwali, we get a little crazy with the presents ;)

Here I am with two of the prettiest ladies I know. I just recently taught Shreeti (right) to knit!!!

This is the FIRST THING SHE EVER KNIT!!! It’s a Harlot Poncho. See how proud I am?!

Speaking of ponchos, this is the mini Harlot I made as a Diwali gift for my little cousin.

She apparently had *no* interest in it (see the poncho in the bottom right corner?). I asked her if she thought it was pretty…no answer. At least she didnt say it sucked ;)

I couldn’t get Ashley to wear hers either. I think she was too distracted by the balloons :) She *does* like clutching it like a blankie though. I’ll take what I can get! Blankie? Poncho? Poncho? Blankie? It’s all the same…

And to round out the show-n-tell of FOs and WIPs, this is the current state of the Cashmerino Ribbed Scarf That Never Grows.

I’d show you the progress of the Great Green Sweater Project/Disaster, but I think I’ll hold off on that for bit…keep ya hangin’

I’m running out of time to clean before GIRLIE NIGHT! so I suppose I ought to hussle. Enjoy the weekend!!!

4 Responses to “FOs and WIPs”

  1. froggy Says:

    your sock looks great! and wow, i guess everyone in your family is as gorgeous as you. wonderful, fun pics. the pic of Ashley holding on to the poncho is too cute. even though she wasn’t wearing it, it was clear that she didn’t want anyone to swipe it. and what’a this about a Great Green Sweater Project/Disaster. i hope it has worked itself out. take care!

  2. Rossana Says:

    What lovely women and women-to-be in your photos!
    And I STILL adore your Bittersweet choice of sock colorways. =)

  3. levi Says:

    Those socks look so pretty!! I’m running through your archive now to see if I can find what yarn you’re using for it … though I wouldn’t mind a hint, in case you hadn’t posted it previously ^_^ (but I think you did, so don’t mind me ^_^) I hope Girlie Night was fun ^_^

  4. Christina Says:

    Don’t feel bad, I could barely get my older niece to try on her harlot poncho either. I had to bribe her with a a sip of a coolata.