the GGSE™, part II

First, I’d like to thank ALL OF YOU for all of the amazingly encouraging comments you left last post!!! I swear I wasn’t fishing for compliments, but compliments you gave!!! I still think most of you are crazy, but maaaaybe you’re not! We’ll see…

Now, about 45 minutes ago, I started writing this really witty, funny, brilliant post about my Sweater Adventures this weekend. Unfortunatley, I’m an IDIOT and hit the wrong button and totally deleted the whole thing (oh, you’ve heard that one before? no kidding! huh.)

The entry was all about how The Sweater is this evil force that likes to torment me and force me to love it and then, when I’m totally unsuspecting, SLAP me with the bitter sting of disapointment! Sure enough, THEN, it’ll start whispering sweet nothings in my ear, telling me how SORRY it is, and how DIFFERENT it will be if I Just. Give. It. Another. Chance. What’s so sad is that every time, I just get sucked back in.


(wait, we’re still talking about the sweater right? hmm.)

This is the farthest The Sweater got this weekend:

You can’t see it in this picture, but I’m making the saddest pouty face ever!

THAT SLEEVE IS ENORMOUS!!! I don’t know what happened! I even picked up 4 stitches LESS than the pattern said to pick up and it’s STILL HUGE!

One look at that thing, and I had to rip it out. This is AFTER The Sweater and I made up after having a fight about how it didn’t want its back kitchnered to its front (or maybe it was more about how I was being all arrogant about how I can learn new things and execute them (nearly) perfectly the first time and then F*%K it up all to HELL the second time around). Of course, THAT was after the OTHER fight we had where The Sweater said I had shoulders the size of a gorilla’s and I told it that I am a dainty little thing and if we didn’t rip back a few rows, we couldn’t be friends anymore.

Here’s another view, in case you aren’t convinced:

oh. my. god. HUGE.

And this is where The Sweater stands now:

Since this picture was taken, the rest of the sleeve has been ripped out as well. Oh! And uh, yeah, I was wearing the sweater backwards in the previous pictures. You can stop laughing now.

This is the point where I apply to you Knitting Gurus for help!

What do I DO?!?!!?

Do I just pick up even less stitches for the sleeve? The pattern said to pick up 28. I originally picked up 24. Do I try 20? Or, is the armhole just too big? I checked the measurements against the schematics and it *seems* to be about 1-3 cm off (changes every time I measure). It’s about a 9in armhole. Back when I was planning to make Rogue last Spring ( and then put it off for this Winter), I measured all my favorite, close-fitting sweaters, and they all had about an 8in armhole. Maybe a 9in is ok? IIII don’t know. Here is a pic of it:

There’s nothing like a pic of my pit, is there?

What do you think?


I leave you today with a list of things I leaned over the Thanksgiving Holiday:

  • I think my mother might think I love The Sweater more than I love her, due to some unfortunate obsessive knitting that occurred in her presence.
  • It might actually be possible to get tipsy from a Sweet Potato Casserole. Apparently, half a cup of Grand Marnier doesn’t burn off in the oven.
  • Everyone Loves Raymond is a really freakin’ funny show! Even after 5 consecutive hours! Seriously.
  • If I have to put 2 sugars in my tiny cup of tea at the Chinese Restaurant, I should maybe consider the idea that I may have a problem.
  • Victoria’s Secret knows what size/style of bra I like and purposely doesn’t carry it in any of their retail store locations.
  • If you spend an entire day playing with a 1-year-old child and wake up the next morning unable to move, it might be a good indicator that you are sadly out of shape.
  • Dreaming about Chad Michael Murray puts me in a damn fine mood! That is, until about two hours later, when I remember he’s engaged to Sophia Bush.

    Not bad for a first try! (I’m *so* not showing you the second, don’t even ask!)

peace out y’all.

ps – Is this a bad time to point out that there are only 24 more days till Christmas?

7 Responses to “the GGSE™, part II”

  1. chelsea Says:

    (I think its funny that the cookie at work remembers that I am a Corneliabel, but my home ‘puter has the boring one… )

    My take on the arms: it is just really bulky yarn. If the armhole is only an inch bigger than your fave sweaters, don’t make it smaller… notice how in the pic the guy is holding BOTH her shoulders? Prolly so she doesn’t look too “quarterback-ish.”

    My vote: Finish the whole sleeve and see if you still hate it. (That whole “bulk” factor is exactly why you -rather than I- are shaped just right for this sweater…) and if you still hate it, LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO KNIT CRUMMY STUFF. you can borrow my Yarn Girls book that has 9 or so different bulky sweater patterns and just pick something new. There is a great v-neck that you could probably do with the yarn singled. or maybe a goonchy turtleneck?

    …and I will still take one of those 35s off your hands when you tire of it. Then we can TOTALLY have an eyelashy-furry-glitzy SCARF-FEST… We can make one for EVERY one of our BestFriends4Ever!! you know, and we can watch Nick and Jessica’s holiday special… and drink lemon drops… and call in dorky requests to the DJ… You are totally IN!!!

    Heh. Or just kick it with some nice sock yarn and a latte… whatever. Sorry, ginormous needles make me a little loopy.

  2. claudia Says:

    My vote – pick up two less stitches the next time. Don’t mess with the armhole — its fine.

  3. froggy Says:

    i would pick up less stitches too.

  4. Stacey Says:

    I would love to leave you a comment on the sweater, but I am still way too new to this biz to even suggest anything. It dissapoints me that it is turning into such an ordeal though, because I really like the sweater and would love to make one myself…oh well.

    Chad Michael Murray is, indeed, dreamy. As are many of the WB boys.

    I am impressed with your kitchner stitch. I just can’t do it. I try, fail, then make shit up.

  5. carolyn Says:

    agree with claudia —

    you need a bigger armhole with bulkier yarn

    you may just have to start decreasing sooner than the pattern suggests

    don’t sweat it

    it will not look that big when it actually reaches down to your wrist

    bulky sweaters need to be a little big on you
    then you appear even tinier

    if you make a bulky sweater close fitting
    then you look bulky

    it is looking great so far

    you just need to stop fighting with it!

  6. Silvia Says:

    Pick up less, and figure out how big you want it to end up at the armhole and figure out the # of decreases YOU want. It looks like you have slim, elegant arms and that yarn is freakin huge!

  7. frecklegirl Says:

    I don’t know if this is a good thing to do or not but the first thing that popped into my head when I saw your big sleeve problem was to knit them on a size smaller needles…

    Carolyn is right about the bulky sweaters looking bad if they are tight fitting… I have a sweater that I made that makes me look like a sumo wrestler because it is bulky yarn and form fitting. *shudder*

    Just go with it… but don’t give up! You can do it. We will struggle with our sweaters together! :)