Just like Rockafellar Center! (or Oh, Christmas Treee, Part II)

I was gonna go all frecklegirl on you, and give you a sweet tour of the ornaments on my tree, but since I already put you through *one* whole post about my tree, I’ll spare ya and just skip to big lighting ceremony!!!!

Here it is during the day.

Ok, you ready? {{drumroll please}}

YAAAY! Christmas Tree!!!

Here is my favorite part:


Every year I rig up Santa to ride his sleigh in the middle of the tree :) It’s a set I bought from Hallmark years back (I used to be big into the Hallmark Christmas Ornaments. Now? Not so much. Occasionally they have something cute, though.) It’s a PAIN to set up, but I just *love* it.

In other weekend news, I know you’re wondering about The Date.

Turns out, there isn’t much to tell.

We went to Rosa Mexicano for dinner — very tasty. They make a mean Pomegranate Margarita :) We just ended up hanging out there, talking. He’s very nice, fairly attractive, seemingly smart… It was fun!


HOWEVER, I don’t think there’s anything there as far as the whole dating thing is concerned. No real SPARK, I guess. Trust me on this one. After all the years on the battlefield, I’m getting pretty good at sizing these things up. Zip.

Oh well.

It’s all good.

The REAL story of the weekend though, was when I got HOME.


  • Read her blog. This, in itself, is not creepy behavior. It’s on the internet for crap’s sake, *anyone* can read it. However, if you are someone she is not currently speaking to on any kind of regular basis, and she realizes you somehow know new stuff about her she didn’t tell you in person, it will freak her out.
  • Break into her supposedly locked-down apartment building. You either need a security key fob to get in, or you need to be standing at the door, lurking, waiting for someone to open the door. Such lurking is creepy.
  • Leave a poster of Gavin DeGraw on her door. Since she doesn’t really know her neighbors, and no one else she knows has a key fob to get in, the mere appearance of this poster will disturb her.
  • …I mean seriously, who even KNOWS I LIKE Ga…oh. Wait. Look… it’s right there on my blog. Hmm…
  • When I flip the fucking thing over and realize it’s signed, “To Lara…Gavin DeGraw,” I’m going to scuttle into my apt and lock the door. Do I even have to point out why this is creepy?
  • Gavin DeGraw isn’t scheduled to be in the DC area until Monday night (tonight) Where the hell did it come from? WHO PUT IT THERE?!!?!?!? Vibegrrl is definately gonna freak out at this point.
  • Not leaving a note to go with it will make her paranoid. How did you even get in?!!? WHO are you?
  • Anyone from the radio station would have had it signed, “To vibegrrl…” This rules out all rational, non-creepy explanations.
  • Did I mention Gavin DeGraw couldn’t have BEEN in DC? He’s on tour. He’s probably playing a gig in another city RIGHT. NOW. This poster signed by Gavin with my name on it came from where, again??!
  • Vibegrrl’s smart. She will figure it out. Even though she is referring to herself in the third person, she is a smart chica. She figured it out. Then, she was relieved. THEN she thought about it for a second. She then realized she’s still a little freaked out.

Moral of the story? LEAVE A FUCKING NOTE! Otherwise, I will end up calling people at 2:15am, telling them I’m freaked out because I have a stalker and I have no idea who it is!!! Punk-ass.

A N Y W A Y.

I did manage to do at least a little bit of everything I said i was going to do this weekend. I cleaned, I decorated. I shopped. I wrote Christmas cards. I knit!

I can’t show you what I was knitting, but I can show you this:

Hello Kitty!!

It’s one of my new stitch markers!!! I forget whose blog I originally saw them on, but they’re really shoe charms from Target!!! SOO FUN!!

10 Responses to “Just like Rockafellar Center! (or Oh, Christmas Treee, Part II)”

  1. froggy Says:

    your christmas tree looks great! and i’ve been wanting to try rosa mexican. that pomegranate margarita sounds delicious! and i just love those stitch markers. i have some, but haven’t been able to pry them away from mini yet. guess i may have to get my own at this point. take care!

  2. Rossana Says:

    Oh oh oh oh OH! I must get myself to Target to find my very own HK “stitch markers!”

    Very pretty Christmas tree! Does it make your apartment smell really nice, too?

    I’m happy your date turned out to be pleasant, even though not quite the head-over-heels chemistry type. It’s good to be back on the circuit sampling… =p

  3. Erika Says:

    What a pretty tree. And very scary about the poster.

    Also glad about the pleasant date – even if it wasn’t smack-in-your-face-fall-in-love. At least it wasn’t horrible.

    I do have to add, though, that when I first met JH, the heavens did not open up and the angels didn’t sing. And he is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. ;)

  4. aubree Says:

    I have to say, on my first date with the man who would be my husband, we had the same kind of date–interesting, nice guy, but no sparks. Second date though, SPARK-city!! Take a chance and have a second date. Who knows?

  5. Stacey Says:

    Ok, so I want to know who left the poster ;) I had a stalker-ish event myself this weekend…not that I am going to get into that on here though.

    The tree is gorgeous.

    At least the date was neutral instead of negative, ya know?

  6. chelsea Says:

    ahhh, I miss so much when I step outta the loop like that… terribly exhausting week, and xmas is just making me more and more … drag-ass… and less and less enthusiastic. how sad is that?!?

    BUT the tree looks great, and I am glad you had a date (and that it wasn’t a bad one)… As Rossana says, at least you’re back in the saddle, so to speak. I got nothing this week… do you have any time to hang?

  7. frecklegirl Says:

    Adorable tree… it is the perfect shape. :)


  8. Silvia Says:

    OMG! Tis the season for stalkers! (Yup I’ve got one too…) About the sparkless dude, well the mature thing would be to go out again—but mature is sooooo dull.

  9. Shaz` Says:

    I HAVE A STALKER (AS YOU, MY SIS KNOW) oh boy oh boy. Keep us informed on the blog about who did that to you with the poster. That is creepy. PEOPLE SHOULD LEAVE A NOTE!!!!! :) NICE TREE. I LOVE IT!

  10. Anne Marie Says:

    I thought I had a stalker once…a cute police officer. It was cool for like a second. Yeesh. Turns out that he only did one stalky thing, then that was it.

    Now I’m going to hunt down some bad-ass Hello Kitty stitch markin’ shoe stuff at my favorite store!