about me :)

hey :)

My name is a Lara and I am a radio DJ/web designer/mom living in NYC. I live with my husband, my two stepsons, the adorable little toddler that glues us all together and one obsessive, needy cat named Chumpy who, if he were human, could be considered my stalker boyfriend.

I’ve been knitting for ~13 years, but I only became (mildly) obsessed in January 2004, when I received two books for the holidays and discovered that Michael’s is not the only place to buy knitting supplies. Since then, one might say that I’ve become a tad fiber obsessed.

I also have addictions to tv, movies and reading. I like to get my dance on now and then and just as an FYI — cleaning is not my thing. I DO however, like to cook :)

This blog started out on diaryland as a place for me to vent and write. These days it’s pretty much a straight-up knitty blog with a little life thrown in…

Anyway, hang out and feel free to drop me a line.